Christina Green’s Mom Calls for Stricter Gun Laws

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Two years ago, Roxanna Green’s nine-year-old daughter Christina was killed in the shooting that wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a voter town hall event in Tucson. Now, on the second anniversary of that horrific crime, and in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Roxanna Green is calling for action and asking a very simple question for framing the gun debate —

“Whose child has to die next?”

Whose son or daughter has to be the next one killed before we, as a country, think about how to prevent these tragedies which seem to be on the news almost every week?

Green says she tried to stay out of the limelight and the conversation about guns in our country after her daughter was killed, but after the deaths of so many at Sandy Hook Elementary, she said she couldn’t stay quiet anymore. According to a news report on, Green said:

“Doing nothing is not an option. … It’s not ‘all or nothing.’ We don’t want to take people’s guns away.” 

So where is the middle ground when it comes to guns and keeping our children safe?

In a CNN interview, Green, who is herself a gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, believes there should be stricter gun laws and increased enforcement of the gun laws in place, and that there must be background checks on all gun sales. Right now, Green says only about 40% of gun sales involve a background check on the purchaser.

Green is also now working with an advocacy organization called Demand a Plan, and appears in a new commercial for the group where she calls on lawmakers to confront the gun lobby so more children aren’t killed in incidents like the ones in Newtown, Massachusetts and Tucson:

The group Demand a Plan is also calling for an assault weapon ban and making gun trafficking a federal crime.

Roxanna Green isn’t the only mother of young children who believes it’s time to take on the gun lobby. Katherine Chretien, a mother and a physician, wrote an amazing piece at The Broad Side blog stating quite firmly that mothers are key in taking this discussion about guns to a new level:

During 2008 and 2009, over 34,000 American children and teens were injured by guns. Among 23 industrialized nations, the U.S. can claim 80% of gun deaths and 87% of gun deaths in children under 15. We’re number one in guns per capita. It is estimated we have more guns in civilian hands than number of registered cars, trucks and motorcycles in 2009. Our politicians have been useless in protecting our society from gun violence, cowering to the ridiculously powerful gun lobby and the mental calculus of re-elections. Why should they work to pass safer laws? There’s little incentive, save for the good of society. That’s apparently not enough. No significant legislation has been passed in the past two decades despite our nation’s alarming frequency of mass shootings, including the one that badly injured one of Congress’s own.

We’re a nation under hostage by the NRA and a perverse Gumby-ing of the Second Amendment. But we have power: the mom lobby. We moms can make a difference by pushing our politicians to action and stemming this madness.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving shined a spotlight on the dangers of drinking and driving, and as an organization helped create a culture where deaths as a result of drunk drivers are down 40 percent since the 1990s. So it’s not a stretch to think that mothers can also lead the way in changing how guns are sold, and what type of guns should be for sale to the general public.

Do you think it’s time for a mothers’ (or parents’) organization to take on the fight against gun deaths in America?

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