It’s a Christmas Tradition

If you’re from the South or a fan of Old School Country – you’re now singing Family Tradition in your head.

If you’re not, read on.

If you are.. continue on.. the rest of this post will be here when you get back, additionally – I applaud you, you’re my people.

There are so many things that I love about this Holiday Season – the family traditions, ranking high for me.

  • decorating the house
  • baking
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas lights
  • The food: Chili and Cornbread, Tamales, Country Ham and Beaten Biscuits

There are some traditions that started for Nathan and Me once we had kids, it revolves around the viewing of Christmas Lights – one of my very favorite Christmas traditions

We’ve spent hours in line waiting to see some of the most beautifully synchronized Christmas lights imaginable, we’ve oooh’d and aaaaah’d and spent lots of time and money to drive with our family through some pretty amazing light shows, and those times have created some spectacular memories.

The tradition that Nathan and I created when our daughter was One year old, is still going strong and one of the traditions that we all look forward to, and she’s now 9.

We pick one night and the kids make sure their homework is done and their rooms are clean.

Before we back out of the driveway, Nathan and I turn our phones to silent and bury them deep down in my purse, we turn our radio to a Christmas Station and we’re off.

Our first stop is the corner convenience store where we each pick out a special drink:  The kids get juice drinks or sodas that aren’t their normal fare and Nate and I get really big Diet Dr Pepper’s.

Next we stop by a Southern Favorite and a Christmas Lights must have, Little Caesar’s,  where grab a couple of $5 Hot and Ready Pizzas,  some of their famous crazy bread dripping butter and coated in garlic and parmesan and about a hundred napkins, and we’re off.

We eat pizza, suck grease off our fingers and just drive.

There are a couple of must hit houses in Corpus, but for the most part – we follow the crowds and we just drive.

We soak in the uninterrupted time, we allow the Christmas music to seep into our souls and lift our hearts and we just exist.

No interruptions, No Facebook, No work, No blogs, No emails, No friends, No texts…

Just us and our favorite family tradition.

This year, both kids are in school and I decided that we needed to have a little bit of fun while challenging their reading skills and possibly enjoying a bit of friendly family competition 🙂

For this year’s annual Christmas Lights Pizza Excursion, I created a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

It’s silly, but fun and since we love Family Game Nights – this just fits right in 🙂

What is your favorite family holiday tradition?  Does it involve food? Christmas Lights? Music?

If you want your own Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt, you can download the pdf version here.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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