Cinderella Themed Disney Princess DIY Hanukkah Menorah

We’re big on the DIY Menorahs around here. 8 crazy nights of crafting and concocting menorahs are a part of our holiday tradition.

Since we are such Disney fans, we HAD to have at least one menorah that married the magic of Disney with the miracle of the festival of lights.

But how….?

I found the answer in the Quinceanara aisle at our local craft store. Tiny plastic “glass” slipper party favors just begged for a transformation into a Cinderella Menorah.

So I waved my magic wax hanukkah candle, and bippity boppity boo!

This really wasn’t tough to make. Here are the steps:

1. Procure some “glass” plastic slippers
2. Procure a small piece of wood or a tin for the base
3. Paint base blue (Cinderella’s signature color) and add ample amounts of glitter
4. Attach shoes to the base with a hot glue gun (adults only please)
5. If you intend to display candles in this (you can also use glow sticks if it will be in a child’s room), you can glue a flat headed thumbtack upside down inside each shoe. This will hold your candles upright securely. Soften the wax over a flame before sticking onto the tacks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t recommend using lit candles in this unless closely supervised and monitored. We are using ours for display with unlit candles & going flame free with light sticks to light the menorah during the holiday. If you do light the candles, please tent with foil first and watch/blow them out before they reach the plastic. Alternatively you can do what we’re doing:  Use light up glow sticks to “light” your menorah each night. This is perfect for a child’s room. Secure the glow sticks with a small piece of white clay.

Ours fit into the shoes almost perfectly!

Happy Hanukkah – from my princesses to yours.

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