Things to Do in Cleveland with Kids

Is Ohio a hot tourist destination? That depends, how do you feel about election ads, newscaster accents and spazzy climates?

I’m kidding, don’t write us off just yet. We have things. Lots of things. We house the best college football team in the nation (O-H!), we have miles and miles of gorgeous beaches along Lake Erie, we have the internationally recognized amusement park, Cedar Point, and we have a wonderful mix of gorgeous rural farm land and booming cities… like Cleveland.

No, really. Cleveland. Um, Drew Carey didn’t sing about it for nothin’, Cleveland does rock, especially when it comes to kids.

We’re about an hour and a half outside the city, but driving in for the weekend is absolutely worth it, and it’s something we do often. You know, when you want to getaway from your messy house and enjoy some amazing food (that you don’t cook), sleep in a bed (you don’t have to make), and keep your small kids entertained (without spending a house payment). Our last trip to Cleveland was all about culture, food and exploration.

The facts: Cleveland is home to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Browns, Christmas Story House and Museum (yeah, that one), local boutiques, and is a virtual foodie paradise; from the West Side Market to breweries to stellar chefs such as Michael Symon and Jonathon Sawyer. And so much more.

So what does a weekend in Cleveland look like?

  • Cleveland Rocks! 1 of 15
    Cleveland Rocks!
  • East Fourth Street 2 of 15
    East Fourth Street
    Explore Cleveland on foot, and don't forget to check out East Fourth Street for amazing food and live entertainment.
  • Cleveland Guitars 3 of 15
    Cleveland Guitars
    Become a street muscian!
  • Cleveland Auqarium 4 of 15
    Cleveland Auqarium
    Spend the day exploring The Greater Cleveland Aquarium.
  • Cleveland Auqarium 5 of 15
    Cleveland Auqarium
  • Cleveland Auqarium 6 of 15
    Cleveland Auqarium
    Pet and feed the stingrays.
  • Cleveland Auqarium 7 of 15
    Cleveland Auqarium
    Feeling brave? Check out the shark tunnel.
  • Cleveland Auqarium 8 of 15
    Cleveland Auqarium
    But be careful, before you know it, you're surrounded!
  • Noodlecat 9 of 15
    Eat your face off. We spent an afternoon at Noodlecat, a Japanese inspired noodle house run by Chef Jonathon Sawyer, who occasionally opens the doors to small chefs in training; teaching them about cooking, trying new foods, and the excitement of eating local.
  • Noodlecat 10 of 15
    Gigi recommends the steam buns.
  • Noodlecat 11 of 15
    Time to try your hand at making a custom noodle bowl.
  • Noodlecat 12 of 15
    Chef Sawyer talks you through the textures and flavors, inspiring you to be daring.
  • Noodlecat 13 of 15
    The rule was that you had to have two items in your bowl you'd never tried before. Time for the noodles!
  • Noodlecat 14 of 15
  • Noodlecat 15 of 15
    I highly reccommend the Pork Miso Ramen. Epic.

Don’t forget to check out East Fourth StreetNoodlecat and The Greater Cleveland Aquarium.

What does a weekend in Cleveland look like to you?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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