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One of the hardest things about moving into our house was realizing my husband and I would have to share a closet. I know, I know, that’s an eye roll-worthy problem, but it was a problem nonetheless. In our apartment, we each had a large walk-in closet with built-in shelves. I stored everything in my closet: suitcases, snow suits, rain boots and more all had room along with my regular clothing and shoes. I even had room for my dresser inside the closet!

Our closet now is your standard sliding doors closet. It’s not deep or tall, so the only other space for storage was on the floor below our hanging clothes. To make it work, we had to be very organized. The first thing I did was divide the closet: Mike got 1/3, and I got the rest. I know that sounds unfair, but he actually doesn’t have a lot of things that need to be hung up compared to me. Next, I figured out my clothing categories – tops, pants, dresses, etc. – then grouped together the clothing that fit into each category and hung them accordingly. This not only helps us quickly locate our clothing, but also keeps clothing of similar lengths together which allows us to better utilize our floor space.

On the floor of the closet, I have shoe racks and stacked tub storage. In the tubs I put clothing that are out of season or rarely used like sweaters, ski clothes, jackets, etc. Unfortunately, we still had some items that we used too often to put in the tubs but didn’t have a place for in the closet. To remedy this, we went to Home Depot and got this shelf and basket system which sits right outside our closet:

In the first basket I stored flip flops and flats, in the second I put scarves and belts, and in the third I stuffed about 187,000 baseball hats. The open shelves hold a few nice pairs of shoes and lightweight sweaters that we use at night.

Our closet is one of the few completely neat and organized places in our house, because it has to be. It’s nice to know exactly where everything is when we’re running late to appointments!

I still miss my walk-in closet, though.

What are some of the ways you organize your shared closet?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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