Cody’s First Marathon and How He Ended Up On “SportsCenter”

Cody has been training for his first marathon since he finished his second half marathon in early May. If you are close with someone who trains for marathons, then you’ll know that they aren’t around much and running 9 miles in an evening is considered “easy.” What Cody wasn’t expecting was the morning of his marathon to be just over 40 degrees and rainy, there’s no real training for those conditions. The girls and I got there in time for Addie to run her own mile and cross the same finish line as her dad around the same time. With the weather still chilly and damp I didn’t believe her when she screamed and yelled, “I JUST GOT STUNG BY A BEE!” It wasn’t until the tears started rolling and I noticed a lot of bees around that I pulled her into the Red Cross tent where they treated her with an ice pack.

Nothing like getting your first bee sting 10 minutes before you’re supposed to run a mile, eh?

I never gave her any idea that not running was an option so through a few leftover tears, some sniffles and a limp she lined up for her start and took off as though nothing had ever happened.

5 minutes after she finished Cody crossed the same finish line four and half hours after he had started.

I was awfully proud of my family, one running through a bee sting, another running an entire 26.2 miles.

People are always surprised to hear Cody’s a runner; he most certainly doesn’t have a traditional marathon or runner body type. He knows he’ll never be the fastest, but so far he’s finished every race he’s attempted and he isn’t about to slow down.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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