Congrats, it’s a Social Baby!

The other day we got this email and we wanted to share it with you. (we’ve changed the names to Awesome)


Hey guys 

Thanks so much for the gift again!

I have a question to you as parents and as social media exponents:

Posting pics of Baby Awesome on my personal FB page is one thing, but on Twitter…now I am conflicted as on one hand I want to say “Hey look, I’m a daddy, and this is my beautiful baby”, but on the other I don’t want to have pictures of her out in the ether, with links back to me and Mama Awesome. There are some mighty strange people out there…without grossing us all out?

What’s your take? The @babyawesome thing was fun, is fun, but now having second thoughts. I think posting text is fine…but pics? 

We wanted @awesome which is a dormant page right now, which sucks!


Daddy Awesome.


Something that most parents who live online come to ask ourselves, right?  Here are our replies.



When you become a parent the world starts looking a lot scarier, doesn’t it? 

I think its a very personal decision and one that evolves as your children grow.  There are indeed some very strange people out there, online and off, and as her parents you will have to make many decisions about how to protect her from them.  

I post pictures of my children, but don’t usually use their first names on twitter. Of course, all anyone would need to do is read my blog to find out their names, but it is where I am comfortable.  I am careful not to say where we are going, for example to the Zoo, until afterwards.  I never say when we are home alone, even on Facebook.  I have shared where my children go to school, but I wish I never had, I get nervous about that sometimes.  

These aren’t rules or anything, it’s just where my own comfort zone sits.  

Right now, Baby Awesome is very new and her world is sweet and tiny.  As she grows up the feeling you have right now isn’t going to go away, it’s just going to get more complicated.  My advice would be to worry less about the crazies of the world, and focus on what you can control. One day, Baby Awesome will likely read the things you share and say.  If you think grown up Baby Awesome would be happy with what you share, then I don’t think you can go wrong.  I now ask my children before I post a picture of them, or share something about them, if its okay to share.  Of course you can’t do that, but I would consider it.  One day she may read the things you say online. How scary is that, right?! 😉

I try to treat my children online as I do off. With respect and love. As great adults in the making. 

Trust your instincts, if you think pictures on twitter are too much, don’t post them. As long as I get to see her pretty face, I’m happy 🙂

By the way, I think you two are doin’ GREAT. Just sayin’





I was going to say that, but with less awesome.

Agreed 100%



What do you all think?  How do you decide what to share about your kids online?

And can you tell which of us likes to give long answers….?

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