Cool Things you Never Knew you Could do with Your Cell Phone

I was at a family get-together a couple weeks ago when my aunt mentioned, “Someday we’ll be able to have all sorts of technology in the palm of our hands.” I held up my iPhone and said, “Someday is here.”

My aunt clarified. “But someday you’ll have a computer that small.”

“This IS a computer. I have access to the Internet from my phone.”

“But someday, you’ll also have a little TV like that.”

“I DO have TV on my phone!” I triumphantly exclaimed while showing off my Netflix app.

Now, my aunt is much older than I am and doesn’t even own a cell phone. I know she isn’t fully aware of what kind of technology is out there. And I know that most of my readers are quite knowledgeable about the myriad of applications available on smartphones. But, even though you guys are savvy, I thought I’d mention a few things you might not know that you can use your phone for. Sure, you can make phone calls, text, listen to music and play games, but what else can you do? Here are a few of a my favorite uses!

  • Grocery list 1 of 13
    Grocery list
    I used to write my shopping lists on a pad of paper I kept on my refrigerator. The problem? I always forgot it when I went to the store. Now I make my lists on my phone because I NEVER forget to bring that with me.
  • Reminders 2 of 13
    This happens to me all the time. I'll think - I need to give Jackson a haircut when we get home. However, when we get home, I'll totally forget about it. Or Brooklyn will lose a tooth and I'll think - I have to remember to play tooth fairy tonight. But I forget. Then I have to come up with a story to explain the tooth fairy's negligence upon seeing Brooklyn's sad face in the morning. Now I set an alarm to remind myself of these little things I can't seem to remember anymore.
  • Texting 3 of 13
    Yes, of course you can use your phone to text, but this is especially useful when you're too lazy to go upstairs to talk to your kids. "Make me some cookies, Savannah." "Come squish the cockroach, Austin!"
  • Virtually attending kids’ events 4 of 13
    Virtually attending kids' events
    Here's a great one for parents. When you have more than one kid involved in sports, you can't always make it to every game for every kid. So you take Johnny to his baseball game and your spouse takes Billy to his hockey game. When there's a break in Johnny's game, use Skype or Facetime to see a bit of Billy's game and vice versa. Can't get out of work to see junior's band concert? Watch/listen to it live on your phone!
  • Flashlight 5 of 13
    You can use your smartphone as a flashlight. There are several apps available that turn your phone into a really bright flashlight. This is great when you wake up at night and think you feel something crawling across your arm, or when you drop your keys outside in the dark (don't ask).
  • What’s that song? 6 of 13
    What's that song?
    You know when you're driving along and this great new song comes on the radio? You must know the name of the song! But how? How can you find out? Shazam! Shazam is an awesome app! You hold your phone up to the radio, it "listens" to the song and tells you what it is and who sings it! Awesomeness!
  • GPS phone finders 7 of 13
    GPS phone finders
    If you use iPhones, there are several apps that let you track where your teens' phones are. If you don't use iPhones, there are still apps available from your service provider (usually with a monthly charge) that let you track your kids' phones. They say they're at the mall? You can check and make sure they're not actually at that no-good boyfriend's house.
  • Book 8 of 13
    Your phone can be a book too! There are plenty of apps that let you download books and read them while you're waiting in the parking lot for your kids to get out of karate class.
  • Photo editing 9 of 13
    Photo editing
    Be Funky Fx is a great photo editing tool you can use on your phone. You can crop and adjust brightness, add frames and special effects, and more! So when you take a picture and realize you look too fat in it, you can just crop your butt right off!
  • App shopper 10 of 13
    App shopper
    Have you ever seen an app that looks really cool, but you just refuse to pay $3.99 for it? Well, you can add that app to your wish list here and get a notification when it goes on sale. Good deal, huh?
  • QR code scanner 11 of 13
    QR code scanner
    Turn your phone into a scanner by downloading a QR code app. Then you can scan these little black & white squares whenever you see them. You don't ever have to use the coupons or do anything with the info gathered from the code, but you can look like someone out of Star Wars when you use your phone to scan these.
  • Dropbox 12 of 13
    Have you ever had a computer crash? It only takes losing all your photos and documents once to learn the important lesson of "backing up". Dropbox lets you store all your files off site, and it lets you share them between your home computer, work computer, smartphone, and friends and family easily.
  • TV 13 of 13
    If you have a Netflix account that lets you instantly stream movies and television shows to your TV, you can download the app to your phone for free and enjoy the shows there too. This is a life saver when you're in a waiting room for hours.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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