Crazy Ornament Parade

I don’t know exactly how it started. Maybe I inherited it from my Grandmother, although that seems unlikely she was the epitome of class and taste. It wasn’t my mother, who liked them simple and pretty. But whatever inspired it, it happened.

I love ugly ornaments.

I love the bizarre, the whimsical, the surreal, and the wacky. I just do. I started collecting them about twenty years ago. I try to limit myself to only one a year, but I generally end up with two or three. At this point, my entire tree is riddled with my fugly ornaments.

And, you know, some garland and stuff.

I decided I’d like to share some of my fugliest ornaments with you. Ready?

  • Buddha 1 of 12
    What, you don't have idols of other religions on your Christmas tree?
  • Chandelier 2 of 12
    It's blue! It's sparkly! It's a friggin' chandelier!
  • Kissing Kitty 3 of 12
    Kissing Kitty
    This is one of my favorites. It's just so pink! and sparkly! and big lipped ridiculous!
  • Frog Prince 4 of 12
    Frog Prince
    This gem was found by one of my blog readers and sent to me. Isn't it priceless?
  • My Grandmother’s Ornament 5 of 12
    My Grandmother's Ornament
    I do believe this is the root of my obsession. My grandmother made this ornament; it's one of those styrofoam balls. She them used a pin to thread sequins and beads on and then stuck 'em in the ball. I've tried to recreate these, but I don't have the knack. Plus they don't make the balls with the same density now; harder to get the pins to stay stuck.
  • Grandma’s Ornament Part Two 6 of 12
    Grandma's Ornament Part Two
    My mother thinks this is the ugliest ornament I own. I love it.
  • Kermit! 7 of 12
    This is a new purchase a beheaded Kermit the Frog!
  • Llama? Poodle? Camel? 8 of 12
    Llama? Poodle? Camel?
    I have no idea what this is. But it involves feathers.
  • Peacock Woman 9 of 12
    Peacock Woman
    This was last year's purchase. It's about ten inches long. Luv it.
  • Santa Wrapper 10 of 12
    Santa Wrapper
    Okay, this one makes me cry. This is the wrapping from a chocolate santa. The first year my mom and I lived in Philadelphia we were utterly broke at Christmas. But we found, on Christmas eve, a free tree on the street (an abandoned Christmas tree lot) but we didn't have any ornaments. I'd been given the chocolate santa at work, so we ate it and then made a decoration out of the wrapper. I've saved this damn santa wrapper since 1986.
  • Springy Snowman 11 of 12
    Springy Snowman
    This adorable little guy is made of metal. Love him.
  • Twitter! 12 of 12
    What, you don't have a handmade ornament with your Twitter handle made by Robin Plemmons on your tree?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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