Create the Best 2-in-1 Gifts with HP and Two Smiles

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gifiingcollage.jpg Have you heard about Two Smiles? A card and a gift card — all in one! HP has always made it easy to make your own cards, and I love my HP Printers – especially the HP Envy, which is super simple to use. I can print from my laptop, desktop, and even remotely from my cell phone! It’s economical and a lot of fun to make your own personalized cards for friends and family. Two Smiles makes it even more fun to print up a card. There are dozens of great card designs that can easily be personalized with your message. But more than that, the card becomes the gift when you add on a gift from one of the dozens of gift card merchants associated with Two Smiles. It’s just a click and a print away. No more last minute runs to the supermarket or mall for a gift card! Two Smiles gift cards open up a whole world of creative gifting opportunities. They are perfect for giving on their own; however, my favorite way to give a gift card is with a personalized card and a little something extra. With so many card designs and stores that are part of Two Smiles, the possibilities are endless.  Here are some winning ideas that are sure to produce at least two smiles from the recipients.    

  • Back To School For My Girls 1 of 10

    If you are sending a daughter, friend, or niece back to school this fall, they will love getting a gift with a little shopping money! Package the Two Smiles gift card with a classic chipboard notebook and a couple of cute, inexpensive accessories from Forever 21. They can exchange them for different accessories when they shop, if they are not their first choice.

  • For the Jet Setting Mama 2 of 10

    Package this Southwest Airlines Gift Card with some sunscreen, sunglasses and a beach towel for a Jet Setting Mom on Mother's Day. 

  • For an Overworked Pal 3 of 10

    A pair of shades, a shopping tote and the latest sales circular will be sure to perk up your pal. Don't forget to offer to go with.

  • College Bound Gift 4 of 10

    Sending someone off to college? Some munchies, a bookmark, or a booklight and this Two Smiles gift card are sure to make them smile. 

  • Foodie Friend 5 of 10

    For that friend who is always making dinner for everyone. Package with an inexpensive Italian themed tablecloth and napkins or a wooden spoon and apron.  This gift is in good taste! 

  • Time to Rest on Your Laurels 6 of 10

    Who doesn't love a personalized spa gift card? Make it extra special by packaging with some bath salts and slippers, or with a lavender filled eye pillow. 

  • Helpful Handyman 7 of 10

    For the dude that helped you fix your sink. Package with a hammer and/or tuck this card into a toolbelt. 

  • Hot Huz 8 of 10

    Take your man out shopping for his birthday. Present this card with a shaving kit or some spicy cologne. 

  • Sporty Thanks 9 of 10

    This gift card will look great packaged with a whistle and a stopwatch, and a bullhorn. For extra fun, throw in a pair of pom poms! 

  • Tea and Catch Up Time 10 of 10

    Invite your cousin or a friend for a "catch up" meeting. Package with a calendar and pre-addressed stationary so you can plan how to stay in touch.  

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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