7 Creative Coloring Books for the Whole Family (But Mostly Grown-Ups)

It’s a sad day here in the San Fernando Valley — our local Sanrio store is going out of business. Gone are the days of Kerokerokeroppi and 20 color pens within walking distance, and so when Delilah and I discovered the news on a recent trip to the mall, I decided we could each choose one thing to remember Hello Kitty’s motley crew of friends by.

Delilah choose a stuffed animal I didn’t recognize. I went with one last 20-color pen.

Then I got home and found this coloring book I’ve been using for a coffee table book for a while, and well … let’s just say I found my daily zen with that pen. Wait, let’s not say that because it sounds gross. Let’s just say I sat down and started coloring this page by Tanya Newton John (title: Petit Roi) with that pen and got totally zenned out in doing so. And Delilah, who usually balks at coloring and has the fine motor skill to prove it, grabbed her jumbo Sophia The First coloring book and joined me. And so I realized coloring can be an awesome family activity. Here are some coloring books that might inspire you to create some daily family coloring time. Or at least to do it once.

Outside The Lines

Curated by Souris Hong-Porretta, this collection includes the black and white outlined works of Shepard Fairy, Exene Cervenka, Keita Takahashi, Jen Corace and over 100 more amazing illustrators for you to fill with your imagination. It’s where the above Petit Roi image came from, and I could easily fill my walls with its blank pages. Available HERE for $9.90.

Pattern and Design Coloring Book

Jenean Morrison creates amazing patterns for her coloring books, which take me back to Betty Schaffner’s “Designs To Color” books of my own childhood. Morrison’s work is a gorgeous canvas for you to turn in to your own works of art. Available HERE for $10.80.

Indie Rock Coloring Book

Hipster parents take heart, from Andy Miller comes the Indie Rock Coloring Book which features illustrations of your favorite indie rock bands from Rilo Kiley to The Shins. Available for $8.95, HERE.

Meditative Coloring: Labriynths

Coming at the art of meditative coloring with a totally straight face, Aliyah Schick talks you through finding calm, balance, and intuitive wisdom by coloring the labyrinths in the pages of this book, or as Schick puts it “walking a labyrinth with your mind can change you.”  I’m pretty much sold. Just look at that and tell me you don’t want to dive right in with a fresh box of Crayolas. Available for $13.09, HERE.

Advanced Style: TheColoring Book

Based on Ari Seth Cohen’s blog (and book) of the same name, Advanced Style celebrates the fashion and flare of our elders. The illustrations of Ilan Schraer allow you to add your own style to Cohen’s iconic images. Available for $8.95, HERE.

Colour Me Good “90s”

From the makers of the Ryan Gosling coloring book, Colour Me Good 90’s will take you back, back, back to the days of Friends and The Fresh Prince, providing hours of coloring-induced walks down memory lanes for you and your littles. Available for $10.99, HERE.

Unicorns Are Jerks

Theo Nicole Lorenz has a whole fantastic line of coloring books for grown ups. Bound to make you chuckle, Unicorns are Jerks joins the droll Dinosaurs With Jobs and Fat Ladies in Spaaaaaaace in Lorenz’s satirical collection of coloring tomes.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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