Creative Horseplay

As Senior Designer and the self-appointed office jester, I often challenge my co-workers to engage in creative shenanigans. Right now, for instance, there’s this fun challenge on the water cooler:

My shenanigans have a two-fold purpose:

1. Engage people in short, fun challenges that break them out of their daily routines and stimulate creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

2. Get me out of doing actual work for a few minutes.

About a year ago, I asked everyone in the office to draw a horse.

Drawing-by-hand is, like glueing cheerios to cardboard, a skill that is taken very seriously in elementary school but often goes unpracticed later in life. Even for us “creatives,” the almighty mouse has all but vanquished the pen in the applied arts. So when I asked my coworkers to sketch a horse with an ACTUAL pen on ACTUAL paper with their ACTUAL hands, they approached my horse-drawing challenge with child-like enthusiasm.

After I collected all of the horse drawings, one thing became abundantly clear: Everyone’s drawing of a horse is as unique as the drawer.

For Babble’s 2nd annual drawing challenge, I asked everyone in the office to draw a cat. The results are below. Enjoy! — Mandalee, Senior Designer

  • Aaron, Social Media Intern 1 of 32
    Aaron, Social Media Intern
  • Alex, Ad Operations Manager 2 of 32
    Alex, Ad Operations Manager
  • Alie, Blog Coordinator 3 of 32
    Alie, Blog Coordinator
  • Amanda, Editorial Intern 4 of 32
    Amanda, Editorial Intern
  • Andrea Roxas, Associate Editor 5 of 32
    Andrea Roxas, Associate Editor
  • Catherine, Community and Social Good 6 of 32
    Catherine, Community and Social Good
  • Dara, Managing Editor 7 of 32
    Dara, Managing Editor
  • Dexter, Network Administrator 8 of 32
    Dexter, Network Administrator
  • Elyssa, Editorial Intern 9 of 32
    Elyssa, Editorial Intern
  • Eric, Assistant Designer 10 of 32
    Eric, Assistant Designer
  • Hunter, Editorial Intern 11 of 32
    Hunter, Editorial Intern
  • Jack, Director of Content 12 of 32
    Jack, Director of Content
  • Jasmine, Executive Assistant 13 of 32
    Jasmine, Executive Assistant
  • Jill, Editorial Assistant 14 of 32
    Jill, Editorial Assistant
  • Jim, Developer 15 of 32
    Jim, Developer
  • Jonathan, Developer 16 of 32
    Jonathan, Developer
  • Kayiu, Design Assistant 17 of 32
    Kayiu, Design Assistant
  • Kristin, Ad Sales Account Executive 18 of 32
    Kristin, Ad Sales Account Executive
  • Kyle, VP National Advertising Sales 19 of 32
    Kyle, VP National Advertising Sales
  • Lindsay, Blogs Coordinator 20 of 32
    Lindsay, Blogs Coordinator
  • Lisa, Senior Ad Designer 21 of 32
    Lisa, Senior Ad Designer
  • Mandalee, Senior Designer 22 of 32
    Mandalee, Senior Designer
  • Martina, Account Services Manager 23 of 32
    Martina, Account Services Manager
  • Mira, Deputy Editor 24 of 32
    Mira, Deputy Editor
  • Petra, Ad Operations Coordinator 25 of 32
    Petra, Ad Operations Coordinator
  • Raydene, Photo Editor 26 of 32
    Raydene, Photo Editor
  • Rebecca, Editorial Intern 27 of 32
    Rebecca, Editorial Intern
  • Reece, Social Media Analyst 28 of 32
    Reece, Social Media Analyst
  • Steven, Technology Intern 29 of 32
    Steven, Technology Intern
  • Valerie, Project Manager 30 of 32
    Valerie, Project Manager
  • Vora, Director of Technology 31 of 32
    Vora, Director of Technology
  • Andrea Zimmerman, Manager of Blogs and Social Media 32 of 32
    Andrea Zimmerman, Manager of Blogs and Social Media

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