Crumpled and Stomped

Image source: Thinkstock
Image source: Thinkstock

If you’re on Pinterest or even on Facebook – chances are you’ve seen the posting about the teacher who taught her students a lesson about bullying by crumpling, stomping upon and then trying to straighten out a piece of paper.

I have to admit, the first time I read it … I teared up.

My mom has told me about bullying that she experienced in 5th grade that still haunts her to this day.

She told me that it never leaves you, you may grow up, you may stop being bullied – but the scars of bullying never leave you.

That post.

That sheet of crumpled, torn and weakened paper… it tore at my heart… it dug deep into my subconscious and refused to let go.

I have literally (yes, literally) thought about this posting for months.

If you have seen the images and wanted to learn more and have tried to follow the Pinterest links as I did, you’ve probably come up against dead ends and dead links – it seriously bugs the tar out of me when people don’t check their links on Pinterest before re-pinning them, but that’s a tangent for another day…

I traced it through Google and Bing as best I could, I followed it to a blog where the man describes watching a Regis and Kelly show in 2011, in which Kelly describes this lesson being taught by a teacher at her children’s school.

The lesson can be found here.

Here’s the thing:

Bullying doesn’t only happen on the playground – it happens online, on Facebook, on Twitter, in the classroom, in the lunchroom, in the boardroom… it can happen anywhere at any age.

I never experienced bullying as a child – I had my first experience with it as an adult, and it scarred me and altered me, some for the better, but some …. well, that’s neither here nor there…

My mom, more than 40 years later (sorry, Mom) is still haunted by the bullying she received as a child…

I have seen kids bully other kids and sometimes those kids were the absolute last ones I would ever have expected to be the bully, they were the child I would have thought would have been the protector…

I have two young children, one who’s just starting out his school career and one who’s four years into it.

This posting haunts me, because children are so fragile and I want to protect mine and yours any way that I can.

If you don’t get why this scares me, moves me, haunts me so much; I urge you to go grab a piece of paper and write your child’s name on it.

Crumple it into a ball.

Jump on it.

Stomp on it. 

Throw it across the room.

Now, try to flatten it, smooth it and make it look like it did before.

Once you realize that you can’t…

Look again at your child’s name written in the center of that paper and see that as their spirit.

Tell me that doesn’t haunt you.

How could you not want to do everything you can to prevent bullying, to help those who’ve been the victim of bullying?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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