Cut The Crap: Organizing Will Set You Free

I was super intimidated to write my first Babble Voices post. I managed it, but I had no idea how much MORE intimidating it would be to write my second. SO…now that I’ve shown you my neurotic underbelly, I thought I’d lighten things up a bit by showing you how I control my inner maniac.

ORGANIZATION. It’s okay if you groan with ecstasy a little when you say it. It’s a good thing.

I love to organize. When I clean out the deep dark corners of my home, it’s like I’m cleaning out the deep dark corners of my brain too. Like taking a Q-tip to the mind. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

No really. Check out this graphic (I’ve used this ad nauseum on my personal blog for my Purgeday Thursday series but you guys are kind of like fresh meat, so I’m whipping it out again.) Rich Radka published this incredible piece on how our treasures become our junk, and how digital life speeds the process. He also breaks down why purging feels so good in this very scientific chart.

SO… with that in mind, I thought I’d collect some of my very favorite organizational internet finds for everything from sorting (but not OVER sorting!) to clever ways to stash your stuff in small spaces (because have I mentioned, I live in 1100 square feet with three dogs and a toddler? No? I’ll give you a minute to process the pity). Enjoy!

  • Ticket Holder Memo Board 1 of 8
    Ticket Holder Memo Board
    There are about a million creative ways I haven't thought of to use industrial restaurant equipment to organize your modern home. Here's one I plan on executing -- order holder on the wall for clippings that need to stay handy! Consider spray painting them the high gloss color of your choice to match your decor!
    {via Apartment Therapy}
  • Medicine Cabinet Mag Strip 2 of 8
    Medicine Cabinet Mag Strip
    Magnetic strip on the inside of your bathroom cabinet for bobby pins? It's so genius, there are no words. {via Superwoman}
  • Get Your Laundry Off The Floor 3 of 8
    Get Your Laundry Off The Floor
    Why exactly did we ever put these things on the ground? {via BHG}
  • Shower Ring Purse Sorter 4 of 8
    Shower Ring Purse Sorter
    Using shower rings to sort hand bags?! My organizing guru, Beth Ziegler of Bneato, turned me on the this tip with a Pin and I'm so doing it. Like, I should have done it yesterday. {via BHG}
  • Vintage Picnic Basket Storage 5 of 8
    Vintage Picnic Basket Storage
    I recently visited my college roomie in NY and noticed that she had an impressive collection of vintage picnic baskets. When I commented on them, her hubby proudly proclaimed it was their answer to not-enough-kitchen-storage in their railroad apartment. So smart! {image via Life Made Lovely}
  • Expedit Heaven 6 of 8
    Expedit Heaven
    Love it or hate it, Ikea can be an organizers dream, and the Expedit Shelving series is the cherry on top of that Sundae. On the left? Tayna of Dans Le Townhouse shares her brilliantly used full sized version, and on the right, my very own Expedit office construction from two full sized 6 footers, one of which was hacked in half. {images via Stylelist and}
  • Vintage Storage Lockers 7 of 8
    Vintage Storage Lockers
    I'd love to replace my entry credenza with this more utilitarian heaven! {via Agent Gallery Chicago.}
  • Lazy Shoe-san 8 of 8
    Lazy Shoe-san
    The internet seems to have imploded when it comes to locating the original creator of this brilliance, but some kind soul in a Home Depot forum sketched out some easy to follow DIY plans. Looks like my hubby's got his weekend plans laid out for him.

I do for work what most folks do to waste time. (I don’t know how that happened either.) Follow my productivity on, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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