D23 Fanniversary Coming To A Town Near You!

 012313_EE_D23sFanniversaryCelebration_DECKI am a Disney fan and have been for most of my five decades on the planet. As such, I straddle a few places along the Disney timeline. The first is the Disney of my youth, which I remember well, and the Disney of my children’s youth, which for some odd reason, I remember better, probably because I don’t have to go back quite so far.

The Disney of my youth involved trips to Disneyland (I grew up in California) and movies like The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, Robin Hood and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, to name a few (hey, I was a child of the 70’s. And 60’s). Those movies and trips to sunny Southern California are at the core of my love for all things Disney.

As a cub TV News reporter, I had a chance to go to the park as part of a press junket, prepare a routine and perform it in the park. It involved me singing and, if you’ve ever heard me warble, you know what a feat this actually was.

See.. here’s proof!

photo credit: Rene Syler

I got married
and had kids and they opened me up to a whole new world with trips to Disney World and the amazing animation and story-telling that are at the core of so many of its movies.

If you’re a fan like me, now’s your chance to relive some of that magic and you don’t even need to go far to experience it.

D23 Fanniversary Celebration 2013 is coming to a city near you. D23, in case you’re not familiar, is The Official Disney Fan Club and membership brings with it, all sort of pluses and perks. And now the party is hitting the road.

You can go here for all the details but here’s what you need to know:

The D23 Fanniversary Celebration runs from March 1st through April 7th in 10 cities around the country, including Orlando, Los Angeles and Chicago, to name a few. Each celebration will be hosted by a D23 Team Member and Disney archivist and will highlight amazing moments in Disney’s history. That includes movies like, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the first Pirates of The Caribbean film as well as cool points in the history of the theme parks, like the opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

It’s a celebration for uber fans and one you won’t want to miss. Tickets go on sale for D23 members on February 5th; after that the public can purchase them (check this page for the ticket link).

So if you’re ready for a truly magical time, check out the D23 Fanniversary Celebration!

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