Daddy-Dos: Teaching Dads to do Hairstyles

Several years ago, I was out of town over a weekend, leaving my husband and four daughters at home. It was the first time that I had been gone that long, which meant that he was on his own getting the kids ready for church… not to mention doing their hairstyles.

My twins helped him dress the two younger girls, then he sat them down on the bathroom counter one at a time as he tried his best to give them different-but-cute hairstyles.

With a rudimentary braiding technique, rough elastic banding skills, and a way he felt he could curl the hair without braving the curling iron (twisting the hair up and holding it while using a blow dryer), he managed to do their hair.

Daddy Do Hairstyles
My husband teaching Mark, another dad, how to do his daughter’s hair.

When I came home, one of the other mother’s in the congregation mentioned to me how sweet it was to see them all nicely dressed and on a pew at church on time. She was even more impressed to see the girls hair dolled up, in a “daddy-tried-his-hardest” sort of way, knowing that I was out of town!

After I arrived home, I asked my husband why he simply didn’t call a neighbor mom to help, or put them in simply ponytails or throw in an easy headband. He responded that he wanted to give them cute hairstyles, despite it being awkward and the potential that other men would ask him to turn in his man card. He said he loved his daughters, and if they were going to be his princesses… doing their hair shouldn’t be more difficult than slaying a dragon.

My husband then recalled that as he finished my 3rd daughter’s hair {she was five at the time}, she looked in all angles of the mirror, turned around on the bathroom counter with a smile and gave him the biggest hug, whispering, “You do hair good for a boy! Thanks, daddy!” She then hopped down from the counter and ran off.

My husband said he sat there for a minute, just letting the words sink in. Those few words from a five year old daughter meant the world to him, and made all the hairstyle fumbling worth it.

Perhaps the most surprising thing to me was my husbands recognition that he couldn’t simply take his kids to church without cute hairstyles, given my little side hobby as an aspiring hairblogger.

My husband has since done my girls’ hair several times, and has even taken over as the stylist in a YouTube channel series we call Daddy Do’s – hairstyles so easy a daddy can do them.

Last year we were contacted by a producer from Disney IMG who wondered if we might be available to help them out with a video short that would be part of an online web series called Dads

Ironically, we were already in LA at the time meeting with another division within Disney that made it a perfect opportunity to help, so we agreed.

When we arrived on set, the producer introduced us to Mark and his beautiful 2-yr old daughter. Mark is a stay-at-home dad who is doing his absolute best to cover for mom while she works, and he felt very uneasy about doing his daughter’s hair… especially on camera. Cute hairstyles were not something he felt was important, and if he ever did do her hair, he simply gathered it up in to some sort of mangled top ponytail.

Because the hairstyle we wanted to teach is an easy one, using a simple tool to create a flip under, the producer and I conspired outside and decided to have my husband do the teaching! He was shocked to find that out and definitely unsure about it {you can tell in the video short}, but here my hubby introduces Mark to the Topsy Tail tool, and how to use it. Mark picked it up, and easily replicated it.

The women on set were very endeared to seeing a dad teaching another dad some easy hairstyles for his daughter. There is simply something about that scene that really touches the heart.

If you do not believe me, see below…

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This video short is the second highest viewed video on Babble’s YouTube channel. We were also shocked to find that Disney decided to scrap using it as an online web series, and have been airing it since December 2012 in the evenings on Disney Junior!

We have been in touch with Mark several times since, and he and his business partner have developed a successful podcast for stay-at-home dads called Dadsaster. They even invited us back to talk about our success with online videos about hairstyles. When asked about his daughter’s hairstyles, Mark stated that we had changed his perspective on it and that he does his daughter’s hair all the time. His wife called me shortly after we filmed that episode to state that he went out and bought the hairstyling tool and other hair accessories!

Manly men don’t do girls hair… at least, that is what society teaches, among other things. But the bond between a daddy and his daughter is much stronger than that. My husband is right, doing your little princesses’ hair should not be harder than slaying a dragon.

At least in private, I am sure there are millions of daddy’s out there who will let their daughter’s paint their nails or put bows in their hair. To those dads, I say to you all… you are the real man! We will sign your man card any day!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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