Dealing with the Potty on the Road

I have a 3 1/2 year old son, Noah.

He was pretty much potty trained by his 3rd birthday.  He attends a little Montessori school here in town where they started training him at about 2 1/2.  We would work with them by keeping the same schedule at home as they did at school. I’ve heard it said that, potty training is more about training the parents, then the children.  Train parents to stop for potty breaks every 45 minutes.  Train them to hit the restroom before leaving the house and finding the restroom as soon as you get to your destination.  Oh and don’t forget going back to the restroom, again, before departing your destination.

When the baby was born we had a bit of a setback.  Noah went for a couple of weeks having at least 1, maybe two times each day, where he would wet his pants.  I’m pretty sure we’re over that now.   Once in a while he will have a “lazy” moment when he doesn’t want to stop what he’s doing to go to the restroom.  For the most part, his days are dry.  (He still wears a diaper at night).

We are now back on the road for the summer.  Life is a little bit different out here.

We travel on these decked out buses that have satellite TV, microwave ovens, refrigerators.  All thecomforts of home.




They even have these fancy bathrooms.  The only problem with the fancy bathroom is, NO #2 in the toilet.  SO, now that our son is trained to go to the restroom at home, we have to retrain him when we get on the road.

He has learned to let us know when he has to go #2 in time for us to take him inside or pull the bus over.  He’s doing very good.  For the most part, the bus rolls at night and we are at our destination by morning.  The longer rides, we are sure to take a bathroom stop just in case he needs to go #2.

As consistant as I try to keep things.  This is one thing I have no control over.  Who would have thought ?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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