Dear Point and Shoot Camera, I’m Sorry For What I Said…

Samsung Galaxy #HolidayMemories

To know me is to know I love photography. It’s my passion, how I unwind in my  “spare” time, my creative outlet.

If I’m going to be perfectly honest, I used to be kind of a point and shoot snob. Once I got my  beloved DSLR I thought my days of using a point and shoot were over; I used my iPhone for spontaneous shots as I went about my day, and pulled out my DSLR for special events or when I was going for a “fine art” image.

Not any more. I now have a new tool in my toolbox and I’m thoroughly in love. I’ve discovered that there is, indeed, a special niche for point and shoots. Quite a large niche, in fact, because my new point-and shoot takes the place of BOTH my iPhone and my DSLR in many situations (but don’t tell my iPhone or DSLR; they were already jealous of each other).

Galaxy is sleekWhy the change of heart? I’ve been lucky enough to play around with a Samsung Galaxy, and it’s not the point and shoot of yesterday. It’s super easy to use, takes amazing photos, and is wifi-enabled. Because it is wifi enabled and has the option for a data plan, I can work on the go on my camera! How awesome is that?

Here is what I  do on the Galaxy with my pictures and video:

  • Edit them with apps downloaded on the camera
  • Make collages and add text (if needed)
  • Upload to Instagram
  • Edit mix and add soundtracks to video
  • Upload to vimeo and youtube
  • Write a blog and add pictures and video with the WordPress app
  • Share a new Tumblr post with the Tumblr app (Sidenote- Tumblr app is better for Android than iOS btw)
  • I backup everything  to Flickr & Picassa
  • If I really love a certain set of photos I add them to a special dropbox folder. That way when I am writing an article I have my own personal archive of ready-made alli-stock-photos. Handy, right?
  • I also bought a 16g microSD card so I can take a ton of video at once when I’m out and about.

Samsung GalaxyBasically, it does everything smart phones do except making calls, but I prefer to text than call anyway.  And as for the ease of close up, wide angle and zoomed in photos…I must admit does the job better (I’m so sorry, iPhone, but it doesn’t need me to buy a bunch of add-on third-party lenses that don’t even do the job as well). It’s a little powerhouse that doesn’t take up much room (okay, it’s usually in my back pocket now), is as easy to use as any smartphone, and is able to create beautiful shots. Plus with the touch of a finger on the screen I can easily upload to Twitter or Facebook or whatever. So. easy.

I’m also finding I grab it instead of my DSLR (I KNOW!). The zoom lens makes focusing on my son up on stage for his Christmas show a breeze (honestly did a better than my unwieldy DSLR in this case!), but also allows me to zoom out for wider angle shots. Plus, because it’s not bulky (don’t get my wrong, DSLR, I still love you and I always will, but sometimes you’re a bit high maintenance), I can always have it with me. No more stressing about whether or not to take the “good” camera.

But enough talking about photographs…let’s see this zoom in action.

Amazing zoom feature


Yes, I have two trees in the family rooms. The big one is the family tree (ahem, Mommy’s tree) and we have a second tree that the boys hang the millions of kid ornaments, preschool era decorations and they go crazy with that one. I zoomed in on the kid tree from across the family area. I was amazed at how close it could zoom in. Also, don’t be judging the kid tree style. We call it the Early Preschool Gallery. 🙂

A big thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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