Defining Family By Love Not By Convention

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I grew up in a typical Latin household. Well, at least to me it was typical. I was raised by a single mother who taught me to accept people for who they are. As a child, I never questioned that…it never dawned on me to not accept people. When I was 18 years old, I had reconnected with a friend from Junior High who had moved away. We hung out all the time and I remember heading to her house to get ready for some beach time when she called me and said, “I need to tell you something before you come over.” My first thought was oh no, someone’s hurt or in the hospital because she sounded so serious.

“My dad is gay and I live with him and his boyfriend,” she said in one quick breath, “I just don’t want you to be shocked.”

I held the phone and I just laughed. “I swear I thought you were gonna say you were dying or something,” I said laughing, “whatever…your dad is your dad. No biggie!” When I got to her home, her dad and his boyfriend welcomed me, as they would many times after, with open arms and I adored them. Later that evening, my friend told me how she had lost friends and a boyfriend because they couldn’t accept the fact that she lived with her gay dad. “But,” she said to me, “I’d rather they not be part of my life if they can’t accept my dad who is nothing but loving and supportive of me. That should be all that matters.” I completely agreed.

Photo: ABC Family
Photo: ABC Family

About 2 weeks later, they took me to my very first PRIDE parade. It was 1997, and I finally realized what my mom always meant and how she gave me a gift of just seeing people for who they are. Something, sadly not everyone does. It’s now 2013 and I still go to PRIDE every year to support my close friends who just happen to be gay. This year, however, I noticed something was a little different than past years. This year, PRIDE was full of families of all ethnicities, orientation, genders…it was beautiful to be there and watch how much times have changed.

Families come in all forms and I am happy that ABC Family’s new series The Fosters, showcases how all these differences really don’t matter. Lesbian moms? OK. Biracial couple? No problem! Foster kids and adopted kids? None if it matters. The Fosters is defining a family by love not by convention. It’s a show I urge everyone to watch…you may see that this isn’t an “alternative” family…it’s just a different one but the issues, the questions, the love, it’s all the same.

Catch The Fosters series premiere Monday June 3rd 9/8c on ABC Family.


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