Desperately Seeking Diaper Bag… Goes to Germany!

This diaper bag obsession of mine is insane, I know, but sometimes one becomes insane when they are very pregnant and have no control over anything in their life. I feel like if I don’t focus on the incredibly mundane task of choosing a diaper bag, I might just die of anxiety waiting on these babies to arrive. SO! I’m back. With more diaper bags. Except this time? I’m ditching American brands and heading for Europe. Think of it as Diaperbaghunters International and I have YOU to thank, dear friends! Specifically Viktorija who commented on my last diaper bag post, introducing me to my new favorite destination de diaperbag:

Yes, it’s German.

Yes, the diaper bags may take weeks to arrive and cost more to ship but HELL if they’re not FAR better looking (and more affordable…ish) than anything I’ve yet to see stateside.

Here are some of my favorites:

The “Alma Wickeltasche“: 109 Euro


(Dad sold separately. As far as I know.)


Next up: The Leder Wickeltasche Roma! 299 Euro

This next one’s a little splurgy but hell if it isn’t gorgeous. (Isn’t it gorgeous?) Very Executive Reproducer-esque:


The Texas Wickeltasche Braun is totally hot with a price-is-right 99 Euro

It’s ideal for strollers which is fab…

… and looks great with/on models which, of course, is aspirational:


The Elliot Leder: 259 Euro

Don’t you just die over the chicness? I love the color, too. It would look great with jeans. And also, babies.

It also looks great against the sunset, which is paramount:

(also pictured above at top of post)

And how cute are all of these bags from Pink Lining?  I first saw them on Mamarella but I was able to find one US distributer (Rosenberry Rooms) who carries them (specifically the “green floral mama” bag, which is my fave.)

Green Floral Mama Bag ($116)

Blue Stripe & Yellow Rose, $116

This bag I was unable to find in any US store but I did find it, here, on sale for 49 Euro!


Are any of these bags worth ordering for a broad from abroad? I say, YES! In fact, I may have to order two of them. One for each baby. And don’t even get me started on the cuteness of the baby clothes.

I mean…



I lieben alles! Vielen Dank, gute Nacht!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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