Diaper Wars

When my first son was born, the diapers he wore were Pampers. Of course, Pampers.  A name everyone knows.  Even I had heard of them before I had kids. They’re like the “Kleenex” of baby supplies.  When my second son arrived he, too, was put into Pampers.  I was proud of it.  Heck, when we submitted photos to People Magazine for an article about his arrival, I made sure they didn’t blur out the Pampers logo.  I was proud that he wore them. They were the best diapers.  Or were they?

Now that my second son is almost 9 months old we are having issues with his diapers.  If he poops, it goes right

up his back, every time.  We didn’t have this problem with Noah, my 3-year-old.  Noah’s development was right on the money.  He wore 3-month clothes at 3-months.  He weighed the appropriate weight at each doctor check up.  That kid was by the book.  Jonah, our youngest, is a bit different.  Jonah is a chunky monkey.  At 9-months he can fit comfortably into a 12-month onesie. Heck, he is borrowing his brother’s 3T shirts.  So with Jonah being a totally different build than his brother, and us having to wash four sets of clothes a day, this led us on the great diaper search.  I came to learn a very important lesson: Pampers may be right for one kid, but not another.  Huggies may work for some, but not everyone.  I’d actually hate to be a diaper company trying to come up with a product to fit every child at every stage in their lives. The “absorbent” factor is pretty much equal across the board.  That technology is pretty amazing. It’s the “fit” that really makes the difference.  God bless all of them for what they do.  But to claim that one diaper is definitely better than the other?  I don’t think a diaper company can say that.  As far as the “perfect diaper,” well, that would depend on the individual child.  You just got to try them until you find what’s right for you. Or should I say, your baby.

What diaper is best for your child? Let me know here with your comments OR on Twitter @jodeemessina #bestdiaper


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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