Did You Go Outside?

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Every day, I try to stick to a basic morning routine. Mine is seven steps, and I explain it thoroughly in my ebook, The Present Principle: Seven Steps to Life in the Now.

One of the steps in my morning routine is “exercise,” and even if I don’t manage to get my exercise in during the mornings, it is something I try to make sure happens every single weekday. But there is another key step to my daily routine that I don’t talk about in The Present Principle, and that I don’t make a stated part of my morning routine.

And I know I should.

What is it?

It’s all about going outside. Yep, spending time out of doors is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind, and soul in any given day. Have you ever spent an entire day inside only to find — at the day’s end — you feel icky, weird, and out of sorts? I think it’s because you stayed indoors. Even when you’re lazy and just want to read a book or write in your journal or listen to your ipod, you’d do good by simply doing that same action outside. Plop your kitchen chair on the grass, on the patio, or on a balcony or terrace if you’re in a city, and do whatever you were meant to be doing inside in the light of day.

Bad weather? No matter. Bundle up and suck it up for a few.

The point is getting a bit of light and air in the real world, not the concrete one we often live inside of.

Now, if you really want to go for broke, don’t just pull your chair outside and sit there, but resolve to do some movement outside as well. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. A five minute walk at lunch, a ten minute stroll while talking on your cell phone. Any of these small things can truly help you feel better at day’s end.

And don’t miscount multi-tasking. Remember how I said I make it a point to exercise every weekday? Well, an easy way to double up on items I want to check off in my daily routine is to ensure that that exercise takes place outside. This way I kill two birds with one stone, and feel better all along the way.

Ultimately, learning to spend just a small amount of time outside every day is a great move for the health of your body and soul.

So go on, get out there.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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