Disney Hangover: How to Cure Post-Vacation Blues

Vacation is over. Time to go back to work and school. Back to rules and schedules and alarm clocks. No more sleeping in or fireworks or face painting in the shadow of the Tower of Terror.

Wait. Did you think I was talking about holiday break? No. (shakes head) Nothing so pedestrian and non-magical as the holidays.

Right. Yes. So, I’m sad because I miss our Walt Disney World family vacation.

Well. Ugh.

Have you ever trudged through the post-Disney blues? Suffered from a Disney vacation hangover?

Apparently it’s sort of a real thing, as I Googled “Disney hangover” in a research attempt at deciding if it was an inappropriate phrase to use on a parenting site. I am far from alone in my affliction, as you’ll find dozens of posts on blogs and message boards looking for cures for what ails us post-Disney getaway.

Wondering if you have the post-Disney vacation blues? Think you may have had them in the past?
Want to head them off? Symptoms may include:

  • inability to focus on work because you are wondering what time the next parade is
  • wishing you had a FastPass while in line at the grocery store or airport
  • obsessively checking package rates for “just a little weekend getaway, I swear!” when you are supposed to be checking email
  • difficulty sleeping because you know it’s Magic Hours somewhere
  • calculating the cost of every holiday gift as it relates to portions of a Disney vacation package (“That could have bought a day’s Park Hopper pass!”)

Sigh. I’m really guilty of that last one. The moment I finished Christmas shopping, I recalculated the total and sank deeper into my chair with the realization that we could have almost bought a value-resort weekend getaway to WDW with that money if I’d only thought ahead!

Who needs material things? I want memories! (Living within driving distance of Orlando is, let’s say, distracting.)

Before you let the magic of your Disney Vacation dim (throws glitter and twirls), take a look at some of these coping skills tips to help keep your Disney memories feeling warm and cozy, not frown-y and pokey. Because, absolutely, it’s a brilliant wish upon a star to have the opportunity to share a Disney vacation with your family and one we shouldn’t let tarnish after we’ve returned home just because you miss the mouse magic.

How to Cure a Disney Vacation Hangover:

  • Always buy your ride photos! 1 of 20
    Our favorite part of Walt Disney World was the rides. We probably rode Space Mountain 20 times.
  • Otherwise you’ll wish you had. Ahem. 2 of 20
    Of course, buying 20 Space Mountain ride photos can become expensive, so we started just taking phone shots of the photo previews. Now I don't love that idea.
  • Bring home snacks from the parks. 3 of 20
    Crunching on yummy park snacks can transport you, even momentarily, back to the sights and smells of Downtown Disney.
  • Bring home soap from your resort. 4 of 20
    My daughter still thrills when she sees this little Tinkerbell bar of soap in our bathroom, a little piece of our favorite resort. I'm saving it until we become so homesick for the Magic Kingdom that we can't stand it.
  • Listen to theme park music or Disney podcasts. 5 of 20
    This post took nearly 9 million hours to write and I listened to Mouse World Radio the entire time, occasionally letting my mind wander into the sounds of our favorite rides. Want to listen to like-minds discuss Disney? Podcasts like WDW Today and Disney Online Podcasts are favorites among fans.
  • Buy coffee mugs THERE for your morning coffee at home. 6 of 20
    Buying mugs online once you get home from a Disney Cruise just isn't the same, but if you forget or break yours (we did), the Disney Store has a memorable collection.
  • Join Disney Forums 7 of 20
    When asked about favorite Disney forums, readers jumped to share their go-to communities: DisBoards, WDW Moms Panel, WDW Magic, MiceChat. Some even have their own Disney Hangover discussions! Perfect for browsing while drinking from your favorite Mickey mug in the morning.
  • Start planning your next trip! 8 of 20
    The #1 piece of advice on Disney forums for curing the post-Disney vacation blues is to start planning your next trip. You can spend hours browsing options, taking your time as you build a dream getaway.
  • Read blogs about Disney 9 of 20
    Dive into the experiences, ideas, and stories of other Disney fans and explore some favorite Disney-related blogs: ImagiNERDing, Disney Voices, Disney Parks Blog, or Disneyed.
  • You could WIN some Disney Time! 10 of 20
    One great reason to stay on top of Disney blogs like Disney Voices is for notice of the best sweepstakes like the new Disney Parks 'Disney Time' Sweeps! Pick the vacation that's right for you and enter for a chance to win!
  • Keep an ongoing photo album 11 of 20
    Dive into your own memories and look through your photo albums: use an album that allows space to make notes about memories from the photos. Don't do it all at once! Spread it out over weeks or months, particularly helpful when you are feeling blue.
  • Share your photos and stories with family 12 of 20
    We made a photo book at a photo printing site and included little stories along with our favorite shots to share with the grandparents. The kids adore flipping through the book and reliving our trip!
  • Make a Disney vacation savings jar or bank 13 of 20
    Now that you have some creative new ideas from the forums and blogs, start saving for your next trip! Make it fun and find a vintage Disney bank on etsy or eBay!
  • Better yet! Join the Disney Vacation Club! 14 of 20
    A plastic Donald Duck bank not cutting it for your dreams? Start planning for years of family magic by joining the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) and open the door to countless family getaways! This is absolutely at the top of our planning list, as Disney vacations are perfect for our young family.
  • Playing with the idea of joining DVC? 15 of 20
    Your whimsical first step could be playing the Disney Vacation Club Sweepstakes! From now through January 31, 2013, players can race through the game and earn entries to win a sample DVC membership.
  • Read books on history and art of Disney parks 16 of 20
    You are right to adore Disney parks- they are masterpieces of art and magic! Poster Art of the Disney Parks is one of my new favorites.
  • Join D23 and Disney Insider! 17 of 20
    As much as I love blogs and treasure books, sometimes I want a main line to the Mouse. Get first access to the glitter and fun with a membership to D23: the official Disney fan club, or sign up for the Disney Insider newsletter!
  • Moon over your own photos some more! 18 of 20
    Night parades in the Magic Kingdom by the light of Cinderella's castle? Is it time to go back, yet? Are these tips even working?!!!
  • Follow Disney Pinterest boards 19 of 20
    So much creativity springs from the love of Disney. Follow amazing Disney boards on Pinterest and gather more ideas for your next trip than you can imagine. Image credit Disney Bound
  • But seriously… 20 of 20
    ... buy those crazy ride photos! You'll miss them once you are home. Looks like we'll have to go back, huh?

What post-vacation Disney hangover symptoms have you noticed? What are your tips for getting over the post-Disney blues? Favorite Disney-related blogs, podcasts, or forums?
Share your symptoms, cures, and tips in the comments!

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