How Disney Infinity Saved My Couch (And Sanity)

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I’m all for my kid’s imagination and their role playing and, to some degree, rough housing. I like that they get caught up in imaginary adventures and invent new things, like the bubble-gun-blaster of warty pirate death thing that they had going on the other day.

But there are times that they jump on the couch, leap off the coffee table, and run screaming down the hallway that I think, a little less of that would be OK, too. Particularly on rainy, indoor days.

It’s those moments that I am so grateful that Disney Infinity exists. I am glad that I can encourage them to continue their creative play in the virtual world, while I fix the cushions in my real world.

What I love about Disney Infinity is that it is an almost seamless transition from their swordfights on the coffeetable, to their swordfights on the screen in the Toybox mode. They are able to play in their own creations (build a castle, drive a car they build, etc). The rules of the “game” in Toybox mode are loose and flowing, much like the rules of the games they invent in my living room.

It’s only a matter of time before they are back to ransacking the playroom and looting the fridge, but I can feel great about the screen time they spend with Disney Infinity, knowing that their hearts and minds as just as engaged as when they are on their bellies at my feet, making believe the kitchen floor is a shark tank from which they must escape.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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