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If you put a blogger on a boat...

Last week I got an email from Babble asking if anyone was in the San Diego area. I raised my proverbial hand and said “I’ll be there next week!” Suddenly I was invited on a media ship tour of the Disney Cruise ship the Disney Wonder while it was in port for a limited time in San Diego. Having just gone on my first ever cruise last month I was awfully excited about seeing how Disney does cruises.

Y’all. Disney does cruises, and Disney does cruises WELL.

Not knocking the cruise I went on with my husband, because it was exactly what we needed. You could have left us with some sandwiches on an island and we would have been happy, but Disney. OH DISNEY. They are the only ship allowed to shoot fireworks off at sea, not only are the shells biodegradable, THEY HAVE FISH FOOD IN THEM. There’s also a recycling center on board where every bag of garbage is gone through to make sure nothing recyclable is thrown away. One of the restaurants changes color, the ship horn blows ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’, there’s nightly themes (today was pirate) and the food was unreal.

Someday I’ll be able to take my little girls on a Disney cruise and I’m going to sob and sob and sob with happiness at all the magic surrounding everything.

There’s more, so much more, and I’ve written down the best bits while they’re still fresh in my mind.

  • The Disney Wonder 1 of 12
    The Disney Wonder
    AAAH! It's so big and pretty and I GET TO GO ON IT AND SEE ALL THE THINGS!
  • Movie and a Pool 2 of 12
    Movie and a Pool
    I've never watched a movie from a pool. *adds to life list*
  • View of San Diego 3 of 12
    View of San Diego
    There are short glass walls along the top deck that break up the wind for families walking on them while at sea. Little details like this make SUCH a huge difference.
    (Says the girl that was nearly blown overboard in Belize on a ship without windbreakers.)
  • Door Decor! 4 of 12
    Door Decor!
    Apparently decorating your door is a totally normal thing to do on a Disney cruise. Figured I'd tell you so if you ever go you won't feel left out with a boring door.
  • Wave Phones 5 of 12
    Wave Phones
    Every room has two complimentary phones that only work on the ship, meaning you can keep in touch with your family and the childcare staff can stay in touch with you.
  • Stateroom Bathroom 6 of 12
    Stateroom Bathroom
    A TUB YOU GUYS. Not to mention a sink and the toilet in one room, the tub/shower and ANOTHER sink in the other room.
  • Cadillac Lounge 7 of 12
    Cadillac Lounge
    Adults only.
    Gives a whole new meaning to bar and grill. GRILL! Get it? Cadillac the bar. You got it, you get me.
  • NUTS TO YOU! 8 of 12
    From Pecan Bob's.
    I loved that even the adult areas were still completely and charmingly themed and decorated.
  • Songs! Everywhere! 9 of 12
    Songs! Everywhere!
    Disney music plays over the speakers everywhere. Meaning I sang on the potty, only to realize I wasn't alone in the restroom. Sorry about that. I'm a horrible singer.
    I also had to resist the urge to twirl when 'Part of Your World' came on in the lobby.
  • Chilled Raspberry Soup 10 of 12
    Chilled Raspberry Soup
    Diet schmiet
    THIS WAS A SOUP THAT TASTED LIKE MELTED RASPBERRY ICE CREAM. It was an appetizer, not a dessert. Hello kiss kiss Disney dining.
    (I still got to have creme brulee for dessert too!!)
  • Hidden Mickeys 11 of 12
    Hidden Mickeys
    Everywhere! You could spend an entire month on the ship and still not find all the Hidden Mickeys.
  • Thirsty? 12 of 12
    Soda and juices are included. Even better?
    Crunchy ice.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of just how much different or better a Disney Cruise could be, but after seeing it and being able to ask questions and see how happy everyone was on the ship?


Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise?

A special thanks to Disney for allowing me to tour the ship and eat their food (specifically the soup) all opinions are my own.


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