Disneyland Activities For Kids Who Don’t Like Rides

This is not a ride! Just a great photo op!

Princess Pavilion:  Yes the line is a little bit long (it was 45 min. when I was there) but if your child likes princesses (Sadie is obsessed) and they aren’t that into rides then what else are they so busy doing? Exactly. While Matilda was hitting the roller coaster in Toon Town, Sadie and I waited to meet the princesses (Tiana, Belle, Ariel for us but they trade off) Don’t forget to bring an autograph book (if your kid is into getting the signatures of royalty) and possibly something for your kid to do in line (play on your iPhone?).

Face Painting: Disney has the best face paint artists around. Every time I’ve been to Disneyland I’ve taken the kids to get a cat or a butterfly or whatever they like. It does cost a pretty penny but the airbrushing is really beautiful and it lasts all day long.

Strike a pose!

Fireworks: After a day of doing other non-ride activities, your little ones (and big ones) won’t want to miss the fireworks display. Make a whole production out of it by getting out blankets, passing out an end of the day snack and getting cozy. Perfect day ender! Go out with a bang!

Parade: There are different parades depending on the time of year (and what costumes are available ((that’s not true probably))). The parade is fascinating to kids. It may in fact be the highlight of your child’s Disney day. Mine is lunch.

New Orleans boat ride/Pirate ship: I realize this says ride but it’s almost not a ride at all. You can catch one of these boats and sail around the lagoon at a leisurely pace. I’ve only been on the pirate ship but you basically get to wander around the deck, walk down to the bowels of the ship and then wave at people on shore trying to enjoy their lunch at the restaurant. Everyone from infants to seniors can enjoy this one.

Sleeping Beauty Castle: This is in the entrance to Fantasy Land but some people don’t even realize it’s an attraction. You can walk through the castle and read the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Tarzan’s Treehouse: Walk-thru attraction perfect for kids who are afraid to get on a ride but still want to feel like they’re doing something.

Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey: If you are a kid that doesn’t do rides, this is a great activity for you. There’s a lot to see in the Mickey House while you go through the line and when you get to the front, you get a meet and greet with the famous mouse.

The culmination of the Mickey House line!

The Casey Jr. Circus Train: Yes, it moves but it’s not a ride exactly. And every kid loves a train ride right? 

I hope these tips helped you enjoy your trip to the park!

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