Ditch The Tote! 7 Space-Saving Essentials For Moms On-The-Go

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One of the perks of teeny tots growing up is the freedom to carry a smaller bag. Glory glory hallelujah, my friends. Sayonara, diaper bag! See ya later, bottles, teethers, pull-ups, and burp rags! I’M FREEEEEEEEEEE. These days, I love to wear a small cross-body bag for my day-to-day grind of errands, school drop-offs, and playdates. I mean, after years of carrying my babies on my hip and an overstuffed diaper bag on my shoulder, this body needs a break. Here are the items I can’t live without, and luckily, they all fit in my super compact bag.

1. Dual Lip and Cheek Tint: Some days, school drop of involves pajama pants, so you can imagine my makeup routine. I’m all about dual-purpose makeup products, and creamy tints used to add a pop of color to your cheeks, lips (and even eyelids!) save a ton of time, and keep you looking fresh and put-together.

2. Hand sanitizer: I don’t think I need to explain why I carry this. My kids would feast on a squashed gummy bear from the bottom of their shoe if they could.

3. Travel-sized dry shampoo: Oh, this one is a real necessity. Don’t have time to wash and dry your hair? Or maybe you thought could make it another day, but realize that was a lofty goal come mid-day? Just dust a little bit of dry shampoo into your roots, and say goodbye to the greasies.

4. YoKids Yogurt Pouches: Even though my preschool and school-aged children aren’t in need of very many items while running errands, they still hit me up for snacks all the time, and these pouches are my absolute go-to. My kids think they are God’s gift to their (very picky) palate, and I love that they are small, portable, and most importantly, organic. Plus, NO CRUMBS IN MY CAR. Total bonus.

5. Lotion: Let’s be serious, people. The amount of hand sanitizer I use both on my as well as my kids’ hands after hanging out at places like indoor children’s museums and libraries is staggering, which means lots of little, dry hands. I keep a small tube of lotion with me at all times and use it on everything from dry hands to flaky spots on my kids’ faces and little limbs.

6. Hair Pins: Being a mom on-the-go doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Instead of a boring old ponytail, twist your hair into a chic topknot and secure with a few spin pins to hold all day long.

7. Mini Notebook: I’m always thinking of lists, ideas, and general things that I need to jot down within 10 seconds before my brain takes a sharp turn into Mommyville. A small notebook is perfect for writing down any quick hits.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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