DIY Hidden Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cake

My 5-year-old son has been collecting Vinylmation figures for a little over a year now. He adores them and looks forward to picking one out on special occasions and park visits.

For his fifth birthday party he decided he really wanted a Vinylmation cake. But he also wanted an ice cream cake. And chocolate. There had to be chocolate.

I’ve made a lot of spectacular cakes for my kid over the years. I love a good cake challenge. I’ve done silver sprayed robots and kids in sleeping bags at a slumber party. I’ve done princess and castle cakes and superhero cupcakes.

What I’d never done was an ice cream cake. So basically, this cake was done on a wing and a prayer to Walt, and lo and behold, it turned out great!  Here’s the ingredients & supplies list – directions in the slide show below.

  • Two packages birthday cake flavor Oreos (or whatever sandwich style cookies you prefer)
  • Two gallons (plus) ice cream, depending on the size of your bowl. We used 4 and a half 1/2 gallon containers of ice cream to fill ours
  • Gel color food coloring (concentrated – available from baking supply and craft stores)
  • Two packages fudgey brownie mix (and items needed to bake the brownies)
  • Melting chocolate and sprinkles
  • Marshmallows (optional)
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Cling Wrap
  • Vinylmation figures
  • Lollipop style sticks, colored tape, embroidery floss & sticker paper for banners (optional)
  • Toothpicks or skewers

  • How to Make a Hidden Mickey Ice Cream Cake 1 of 10
    How to Make a Hidden Mickey Ice Cream Cake
  • Create the Cookie Shell 2 of 10
    Create the Cookie Shell
    You can also crush oreos by hand but pulsing them in a food processor or blender grinds them finer and makes it easier to mold them to the bowl's shape. You can use any flavor Oreos, or another sandwich cookie, my son just loves the Birthday Cake ones.
  • Make Brownie Clay 3 of 10
    Make Brownie Clay
    Brownie Clay is merely crumbled, already baked brownies. It is the secret to making Mickey. Two batches makes enough to make the Hidden Mickey & his ears as well. You can use the lid to an ice cream container or a round tupperware container to mold a disk. Trim off a little from one edge any or flatten so that the ears will sit flush. Toast the ear brownies for about 15 minutes in a 250 degree oven to make them a little firmer. Cool completely before coating with chocolate. NOTE: You can also make the ears from chocolate coated Rice Krispy Treats, if you prefer!
  • Psychedelic Ice Cream 4 of 10
    Psychedelic Ice Cream
    Gel colors are super concentrated and a little goes a long way. You want your ice cream soft enough to stir color in, but not so soupy it's a liquid. Fill the frozen shell about 1/3 of the way with colored ice cream and quickly run a knife through to swirl the colors a bit. Not too much! Put back in freezer while you do the next step...
  • Making Mickey 5 of 10
    Making Mickey
    This is the part that sort of melts your mind a little. It's good to do this before the ice cream completely firms up from the last step as you want it to sink in a little. Remember, you are working upside down as you'll flip the cake to unmold it. You will need to make two skinny "snakes" of brownie clay, and one fat one. You will join the ends of the snake to form a ring. The first two "skinny" snake rings form Mickey's ears and are placed at the same level, creating a bit of a bulls eye pattern (top right). The fatter snake, formed into a ring, will be the Mickey head when the cake cut. Place this directly on TOP of the other two rings (bottom right). Do not be alarmed if the brownie rings start to sink some. It's good because you want the icecream filled in all around the brownie. But pop it back in the freezer for at least an hour or two before filling around and over the brownie with the rest of your colored ice cream. Leave the completed cake in freezer overnight (or at least three hours!) before unmolding to serve.
  • Decorations! 6 of 10
    We had a whole stable of Vinylmation characters to choose from. It just so happens that lollipop sticks (from craft or specialty baking store) fit perfectly in their little grips. We decorated the sticks with colored tape and used embroidery floss and sticker paper to color the banners. I did my best to approximate a Disney font by hand!
  • Chocolate Coating 7 of 10
    Chocolate Coating
    To coat Mickey's ears with chocolate we used melting chocolate, which we softened in the microwave. We set the ears on a plate on waxed paper & spooned the chocolate on one side. A silicon pastry brush came in handy for swirling. And yes, sprinkles. Always. When the chocolate was hardened (you can speed up by putting the chocolate covered ears in the fridge) we flipped and did the other side. To prep the ears for adding to the cake, we inserted two wooden skewers.
  • Unmolding and Assembling 8 of 10
    Unmolding and Assembling
    This cake was super easy to unmold. First we leveled the ice cream by cutting across the surface with a knife dipped in hot water. We placed our platter on top of the bowl and flipped the whole ensemble. We made sure the plastic wrap was free from the sides of the bowl. Then we quickly and briefly applied a hot damp towel to the outside of the stainless bowl. The bowl lifted right off, leaving the plastic covered cake. We returned to freezer until we were ready to dress the cake with the character, ears, and marshmallow garnish.
  • The big reveal 9 of 10
    The big reveal
    The cake looked pretty awesome already, but when we sliced into it.... Ooh and Ah!
  • There was a Hidden Mickey in every slice 10 of 10
    There was a Hidden Mickey in every slice


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