DIY Lego Storage & Organization to Go

Something happened when my son turned 7. He went from no interest in Lego whatsoever, to being obsessed with the stuff. Five minutes later (or so it seemed) his collection of parts and pieces was colossal. We’ve tried bins and bags and even a few dedicated containers but nothing seemed to offer enough storage. It’s very frustrating when the pieces are scattered, and I’ve been looking for a way to organize his Lego collection for months now.

My son also has a lot of Lego playdates. His friends are as enthusiatic about building with Legos as he is. So in addition to looking for a way to store his collection, I’ve been looking for a system that allows him to take his supplies with him to a friend’s house. A tall order.

I’d almost given up, until I thought to look at some of the tool chests at Home Depot. That is where I found this Husky 22 inch Cantilevered Organizer ($29.97).  Perfection.  This case has many, many removable containers which are perfect for storing all those little bits and pieces you’d rather not step on or vacuum up. It’s big enough to hold a ton of Legos but not so big that my son cannot carry it. Plus it is seriously tough. No cheap plastic and feels serious and grown up. My son appreciates that as do I.

Because I can never leave well enough alone, and because I can never go to Home Depot without collecting a handful of colorful paint chips, I decided to line the removable bins with paint chips. This is helpful for sorting – people in the “blue” container.  Accessories in the “red” dish etc. Plus I love how it looks.  Check out the finished product in the slide show:

  • What to Do With All This Lego? 1 of 7
    What to Do With All This Lego?
    In the past two years we've accumulated a ton of Lego!
  • Looking For Serious Storage 2 of 7
    Looking For Serious Storage
    This organizer, made for tools, is serious storage, and just perfect for all our Lego pieces and parts. Removable containers make it easy to clean and sort.
  • Adding a Little Color 3 of 7
    Adding a Little Color
    Paint chips in the compartments make it easier to identify which pieces go where. We simply trimmed the pieces to fit.
  • All Sorted 4 of 7
    All Sorted
    All the Lego pieces fit just fine with room to spare.
  • Simple Enough for a Kid 5 of 7
    Simple Enough for a Kid
    It's easy to sort pieces and keep them sorted, with the right storage container and a color system.
  • Hitting the Road 6 of 7
    Hitting the Road
    My son cannot wait to take his Lego collection with him to a friend's house for a play date
  • Work in Progress 7 of 7
    Work in Progress
    This plastic toto keeps projects that are a work in progress from getting crushed.

My son’s creations that are half built do not fit in the organizer and I hate to make him disassemble it all so I also picked up a Husky 20″ Professional Tool Caddy ($5.84) to hold and tote his works in progress. I like that it is hard sided and protects the projects.

I tend to get OCD with toys that have a million pieces. It makes me crazy when the pieces are scattered to the wind and the toy becomes obsolete due to the fact that all the critical parts are missing. Storage solutions like this make me so happy. My son too. I haven’t seen him since he walked off with his new container. He’s been playing with his Legos, sorting and playing with them ever since.

A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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