7 DIY Ideas for Your Mario Brothers Birthday Party!

Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento

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When my son asked for a Mario birthday party, I was surprised at how easy it was for me to make the decorations and games for the party. Last week I wrote about the Pin the Mustache on Mario game I made; this week I’ll share 7 ideas for Mario-themed decorations, food and games I made at home. Trust me, if I can do it so can you!

The beauty of throwing a party based on an old-school video game is that you don’t need fancy drawing skills to make awesome decorations at home. Before going shopping I went on Pinterest and made a board to catalog ideas and inspiration for the party — then it was just a matter of creative thinking and rounding up a few very basic art supplies before I had transformed my house into a Mario play land.

1. Piranha Plants

Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento
Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento

I really wanted to make the Piranha Plants found here, but I lacked the patience required to wait for painted Styrofoam balls to dry. So instead I bought poster board in red, green, and white; grabbed scissors and Elmer’s glue; and “planted” them in plastic pots from the garden store. The only stencil I used was a bread plate for the round heads. Think PacMan for the mouth. The teeth are little triangles, and the spots are random circles of different sizes. The less perfect they look, the better. The white “lip” on the mouth covered up the imperfections in the cutting process. And the stem is just rolled-up poster board, glued and taped into place. Bingo!

2. Stars!

Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento

Stars are everywhere in Super Mario World, and they are the easiest to make at home. I bought one sturdy cardboard star at the party supply shop, and then I traced as many as I wanted and drew in the eyes. They were handy as decorations and inside of balloons for a rousing game of Stomp the Goomba.

3. Mustache Cookies

Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento

Mario and Luigi mustache cookies were so easy to make and an instant hit! First I used Smitten Kitchen’s brownie roll-out cookies for the dough — they were the perfect shade of brown and held their shape so the details would show — and then I cut out the mustaches with these Munchstache Cookie Cutters. They were yummy and looked awesome!

4. Boos!

Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento

The boos were pretty straightforward: all I needed was a white balloon and red and black sharpies! We let the kids pop them at the end of the party, just for fun!

5. Super Mushroom Cupcakes

Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento

We served Super Mushroom cupcakes instead of cake. I simply covered yellow cupcakes in red fondant. The white dots are mini marshmallows cut in half — I used the gooey side to stick the marshmallows on the fondant. You could also use green fondant for 1-Up Mushrooms.

6. Stomp The Goomba Game

Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento

This game was a hit and so easy to set up! I used brown balloons, put the stars I had made in them as well as Mario tattoos and stickers, and then used a sharpie to draw eyes and an angry mouth on them. Then I drew eyes and teeth on white printer paper and glued them on. To keep the goombas in place, I glued each balloon onto a white paper plate. The boys LOVED the mayhem as they stomped on the dozens of goombahs on our driveway. It was a great way to make the video game come to life.

7. Thank You!

Image Source: Roxanna Sarmiento

I used this template for the favor thank you messages — as you can see, each child went home with a note and Super Mushroom candy.

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