4 Steps to the Smartest School Pick-Up Car Line Sign Ever

It’s back-to-school time and that means parents around the country are lining up in the after-school car pick up lines. Half of them are lined up in the wrong direction, entering at the exits, and (for the love of No. 2 pencils!) it’s all we can do to maintain our cool after school.

4 Steps to the Smartest School Pick-Up Car Line Sign EverOnce those kids are lined up outside, every second counts. If your kids are like mine, they judge your love for them based on how close to the front of the line you are.

Because, seriously, Mom!

But for that line to move, teachers need to know who you are picking up. That means signs with our kids’ names on them.

Signs they can read from a distance. Signs you can find in your disheveled Storage Wars unit of a car you drive.

I have your solution. It’s awesome and easy and I’m not even crafty.

I can’t do anything about those terrible parents who refuse to follow the drop-off and pick-up traffic directions (I mean, seriously, pull it together, people!) but at least we can nod at our car sign knowing we’re doing our part to hold society together.

Don’t be the parent rolling down her window every day to shout the name of her kid to the attendant because you can’t find your sign. Don’t.

Or the parent with the crumpled and stained piece of paper held up by whatever lovey is moping on the floor of the car that day.

School Pick-Up Car Line bear hack
This was totally what we started the year with as our sign.

Just don’t. We can be better than this! We have Pinterest, dammit!

Okay, we’re placing a lot of pressure on this sign. I realize that. But it’s war out there.

Here’s what you need:

Supplies for smartest school pick-up car line sign ever

  • Tri-Fold Display Board 14 x 22in (the small kind you can get at the grocery store)
  • glue stick
  • single sheet of paper
  • pen or printer


Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Print or write name on copy paper.
  2. Paste paper on the center panel of the white side of your tri-fold display board, making sure the folds are at the top and bottom.Step 2: paste name on display board
  3. Bend back folds. Don’t worry, the cardboard is easy to bend.Step 3: bend back folds of display board
  4. Wedge your newly awesome sign in between your car dashboard and window. Bask in the glowing approval of your car line attendants.Step 4: wedge between dash and window


The bent-back folds of the display board hold the sign up and against the window. No lovies needed to prop it up. No weird bands or no-longer-sticky tape clinging doubtfully to your visor.

Once the kids are in, just fold the sign up (conveniently protecting the name from smears or spills), slip it between your seats and you are done!

That’s it. You win the after-school pick-up car line!
• • •

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