Do You Think It’s Fakebooking?

If you were on Facebook yesterday afternoon, chances are you saw people posting about 5 Truths and Fakebooking.

There was an absolutely fantastic article written by Sarah Emily Tuttle-Singer called: We Need to Quit Telling Lies on Facebook  the article points out the difference between what her Facebook stream shows vs. how her day really went.

I was alerted to the article by my friend Shannon who posted her 5 Truths, which spawned other people to post their 5 Truths in the comments and throughout the day I watched other posts about Fakebooking and 5 Truths pop up all over my Facebook stream.

The article was extremely well written and if you haven’t read it yet, you should. (If you’re squeamish, there’s a bit in there about blood and tampons — just fair warning)

It got me thinking, which is exactly the point, and I looked back over my own Facebook stream to see what it was portraying –


It showed that I was slacking in my packing by getting easily distracted 🙂

It showed me sharing Amanda’s delicious looking crispy shrimp jambalaya and saying that I was forgetting all this packing and heading over there (I wish), and it showed a friend of mine sharing a contest that I’m in.

It showed a fairly accurate portrayal of my day, but it didn’t show everything because I don’t share everything on Facebook, I do filter because I don’t feel that everything belongs on my Facebook.  Even though I’m a blogger, I still hold a lot of my life back because it’s not always just my story to tell, and I don’t feel that everything necessarily needs to be out there.

It’s just not my style, but does that mean I’m Fakebooking?


That little e-card always makes me laugh, but it’s also one of the things I dislike the most about Facebook.

I certainly don’t think that I Fakebook, but if we are picking and choosing what goes on Facebook and only putting a filtered version of our lives on there are we perpetuating the myth?

Not too long ago my friend Erin wrote an insightful and lovely post about How Leaving Facebook Radically Improved Her Self Esteem, I’ve read it several times and found myself nodding and agreeing throughout.

Now with this new article about Fakebooking and Telling Lies on Facebook, I’m’ thinking even more about what I share, how I share and whether what I choose to share or not share might be impacting someone else.

I’m not ready to quit Facebook, I love that it enables me to keep up with people, but I guarantee that I’ll be thinking more about what I share and how I share it.

What about you?

Do you think it’s Fakebooking, or just sharing what you only want to share?






Article Posted 4 years Ago

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