Do You Have A Voice? Use It For Silence

no mothers day every mother countsAdmit it.

One of the worse feelings that boils up as soon as we know we´re pregnant is the fear of death. Life=death. The fear of knowing that even with all the amazing first-world medical care we have at our disposable, the healthy foods, the yogas, the doulas, the OPTIONS there is still a possibility anything can happen to us at childbirth.

And then our baby is born and we´re there to love, nurture and BE there for her. We´re survivors and we don´t even know it. We get to have a Mother´s Day every single year; a day we totally deserve and must celebrate.

But the fact remains that every 90 seconds a woman dies from complications of birth. The worse part? 90% of those deaths are preventable. I learned that from Every Mother Counts this week, and I learned it because they have been making a lot of noise to keep us moms silent during the one day of the year in which we´re officially celebrated: Mother´s Day. Christy Turlington´s organization seeks to empower our voices to speak out for those woman who no longer have one. To speak up for those families who don´t have a mother to celebrate. They are asking us to remain silent. They want us to have a No Mother´s Day.

Yes, I´m with you. It´s shocking. And that´s exactly their point; to get us talking, discussing, infuriated at not celebrating and being celebrated and then turn that into knowledge and power.

It worked for me.

The thought of a No Mother´s Day being advocated infuriated me. We deserve to be celebrated. But then I got past that and watched  this video, read this interview with Christy Turlington and remembered my visit to Sean Penn´s J/P HRO tent city for survivors of the Haiti earthquake and the sight that shocked me the most: a lone hill above all the tents, a trek of a mile or more for some, which is where women were taken to give birth for many, many months before the first hospital was set up. A hill with nothing there. Nada. No medications or even running water. Many didn´t survive. That image of those women is what reminded me of the hundred of thousands of women my silence  as a collective movement on a No Mother´s Day can bring a light to.

Tomorrow my family and I will have 90 seconds of silence for all those women and families who don´t have the option of a Mother´s Day.

Use your voice in any way it works for you. Silence can be that powerful. And so are you.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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