Does it fit?

Buying jeans is tricky. Buying them online felt impossible. Follow along as we explore this important topic — is it possible to buy jeans that fit online?

Time to get serious and take the Levi’s Curve ID test — it’s super easy and short. I learned that I am a BOLD CURVE.

So I boldly went on the Macy’s website and ordered some Levi’s.

Here is the first pair:

They fit in all the right places — but they were too short. My bad! I ordered a size smaller than the size chart told me to.

But I think a lot of us are guilty of the same thing — we buy the size we were years ago rather than the size we are now. If you’re shopping online, you have to be honest. With the computer.

The next pair were a different story:


Cute! And they fit perfectly! It’s hard to tell on video, but just like they tighter pair, they fit the shape of my body without cutting circulation. Proving that your jeans are baggy because they are made the wrong way, not because they are too big. So, buy the right size already!

And because I couldn’t help myself, here is another pair:


The verdict is in: You can indeed buy jeans online, and they will fit like a dream. As long as your hips don’t lie.

A big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion

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