Don’t Mess With The Apostrophe S

The other day I was driving on the main street in my neighborhood. As I tried to merge to my right to make an eventual turn, a passenger van sped up, keeping me from merging in front of it. Slightly annoyed, I slowed down to merge behind the van…and it slowed, too. Fully annoyed at this point, I came to an almost-complete stop and was finally able to get into the right lane. I looked at the back of the van and discovered it belonged to a retirement home, and the tag line for the home?

Our Grandma’s Are Cuter Than Yours

I let out a noise of total frustration. My husband, who was sitting in the passenger seat, snickered and said, “You saw that apostrophe S, didn’t you.”

My biggest grammar pet peeve is the misuse of the apostrophe S. An apostrophe S implies possession, it does not make things plural! I cannot believe how many times I see this mistake every day, from educated people – you know, people who have graduated from elementary school!

I understand typos happen, especially on quick-update sites like Twitter and Facebook. But on professional things like blog posts, company slogans, or billboards? It’s inexcusable. Before any of you go searching through my blog archives to see if I’ve made this mistake, I will save you the trouble. I haven’t. I may make other grammar mistakes, but this isn’t one of them.

My husband thinks my crusade against the misused apostrophe is the most hilarious thing ever. But I’m willing to bet this bothers other people, too. Let’s band together to save the S!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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