Don’t Mock Me and My Fanny Pack


Yes, I wear a fanny pack. I admit it… a FANNY PACK!

Well, it’s only a sports pack and I wear it running. And for the record, I don’t really wear it on the outside of my shirt 🙂

But you guys, it’s the greatest thing in the whole wide world. You can fit so much stuff inside. This particular fanny pack is small and made of elastic stretchy material, so it fits your phone, ear buds, keys, money, credit cards. Surprisingly, it’s not too much to run with. It fits super snug around your waist.

So after I started running with it, putting everything but the house inside, I decided I wanted to wear it other places too. I loathe wearing a purse when I go out, I’m not a bag person. So this fanny sport pack is the greatest thing ever. I take it dancing, out with the hubs, and out to conferences (if you see me at a blog conference, chances are I’m wearing it.) I only wear it with clothes that can hide it, under flowy shirts or sweaters…although it’s going to be harder to hide this summer.

NOTE: One thing to watch out for when wearing your fanny pack, don’t let your friends see it, EVER! You’ll never live it down. But you’ll laugh with them and start taking more pictures of yourself in the pack to text them in the middle of the night! 

Take it from me, wearing a (hidden) fanny pack is where it’s at!

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