Don’t you wish one of them was a girl?

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When all your children are of the same gender (in my case, that gender is male) and you’re the parent of the opposite gender you get used to attracting a lot of attention. It comes with the territory and it’s not always unwarranted — I admit that stare when I see a dad with his gaggle of girls or a fellow mom of boys out in the wild.

It’s just interesting, you know?

With the attention come a lot of questions. “What is it like to have a house full of boys?” or “Are you tired?” are common. I don’t mind most of these questions, but there is one that really bothers me, “Don’t you wish one of them was a girl?”

Of course, if someone is tactless enough to ask in front of my boys, my answer is always an icy “my boys are perfect just the way they are.” Because of course, they are the perfect children from me I wouldn’t trade them for anyone.

(Also? They’re listening, rude person. Common sense, please?)

But I know that most people are genuinely curious, if not always the most adept with words. They don’t mean to offend, of course.

But here’s the thing — yes, I used to wonder what it would be like to have a girl. In fact, I expected to have girls. I’m a woman, and I wanted to keep the streak going. I honestly looked forward to having a little me of my very own, someday

But now that I have my kids, I honestly don’t need to have a girl. I wouldn’t have minded, mind you, but I can unequivocally say that I don’t have to have one to feel like my family is complete.

Any parent will tell you that when they watch their children sleep and they replay the day in their minds they marvel at the fact that this wholly unique human came from them. That as they admire their sweet faces they simply cannot believe how much this little person is so much like they are, but that they approach life in their own fresh and interesting way.

My boys are as different from me and each other as they are alike. And I now know that if one (or all of them) where female, they would still be as different and alike from me as they are now.

Imagine asking the father of a son and daughter if they love the son more because he’s a boy? It’s ridiculous. Parents love their children for who they are, not because they’re the same gender.

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