Double Duty Beauty

Many of us are time-crunched and counting pennies, so finding a product that serves two purposes in regards to self-care is a winner in my book. I’ve been asking friends for tips on double duty beauty this summer, and I’ve received some really great tips. Here are some of my favorites!

  • Lip Balm 1 of 11
    Lip Balm
    On days you don't feel like wearing mascara, just dab a little lip balm onto your lashes. It darkens them ever-so-slightly and also separates them a little giving them more definition. photo credit:
  • Beer 2 of 11
    Using beer as a occasional hair rinse helps to rid residue, as well as add extra shine. photo credit:
  • Baby Wipes 3 of 11
    Baby Wipes
    Clean your face, freshen up after the gym or on no-shower wipes are a girl's best friend. photo credit:
  • Deodorant 4 of 11
    I hadn't heard this one before, but apparently applying deodorant to your bikini line after shaving prevents razor burn. Sold! photo credit:
  • Baking Soda 5 of 11
    Baking Soda
    Not only can you scrub your bathroom with it, you can use it to clean your skin, as well drink it when your tummy is feeling super acidic. photo credit:
  • Coconut Oil 6 of 11
    Coconut Oil
    Oh, coconut oil. How I love you so. Use this oil for a hair conditioner, to soften rough skin, to shave your legs...the list goes on and on. Smells divine to boot. photo credit:
  • Hair Conditioner 7 of 11
    Hair Conditioner
    Who needs shaving cream when hair conditioner does the exact same job? photo credit:
  • Mascara Wand 8 of 11
    Mascara Wand
    When you're finished with a mascara tube, clean the brush and then use it with a dab of hair gel or hairspray to help tame flyways! photo credit:
  • Kosher Salt 9 of 11
    Kosher Salt
    No need to spend lots on a wave-creating spray - just mix a little bit of sea salt in a bottle and spray your locks for a beachy effect. photo credit:
  • Baby Shampoo 10 of 11
    Baby Shampoo
    Baby shampoo is the perfect consistency to hand wash your delicate laundry items. (And it works GREAT in conjunction with a Clarisonic to wash your face.) photo credit:
  • Coffee Grounds 11 of 11
    Coffee Grounds
    I love this tip from one of my readers - "I save the coffee grounds from morning pots of coffee and add either organic extra-virgin olive oil or jojoba oil to them to create a twice-a-week exfoliator for body and face. Caffeine is said to stimulate the skin, reduce puffiness, and create an all over glow." Trying this one immediately. photo credit:

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