Doctor Who Helped Me Embrace My Inner Geek

Earlier this summer, I was invited to attend a comic book convention here in Philadelphia and I accepted because it seemed like a fun thing to do with my daughter. I thought, hey, people dressed as superheros, she’ll love that.

Little did I know that I would discover my complete and utter inner geek there.

Now, I’ve been a fan of science fiction and fantasy novels forever, and of course I loved Star Trek (who doesn’t?). But I have always kind of disliked Star Wars (I know, but the writing! It’s terrible!) and never really thought of myself as a fan girl particularly. But then I saw that all FIVE Star Trek captains were going to be onsite and I kind of freaked out a little (okay, I may have freaked out a LOT). Then I got to meet stars like Lou Ferrigno, Anthony Michael Hall, and that guy that plays Sam on True Blood (who was amazingly kind).

But even worse than that, I realized I recognized 99.9% of the costumes people were wearing. Because I may not read actual comic books, but I do see every comic book movie and sometime read graphic novels (the only characters I didn’t recognize were the lesser known gaming characters).

When I went home that night, I decided to start embracing some of the other geek things I hear about, and I started watching the show Torchwood. If you don’t know, it’s a spin off of Dr. Who, and I blew through the whole backlog of the show in a month or so. But I still didn’t watch the actual Dr. Who series because I felt like I was coming into it so late that it would look weirdly geekly obvious to watch it NOW, after everyone else was into it and talking about it and stuff.

So. Fucking. Stupid.

So, then I was invited to be a presenter at the Philadelphia Geek Awards (seriously fun red carpet event for Philadelphia geeks) and I had such a good time being among my fellow geeks that I decided to abandon all shame and just watch it.

Oh. My. GOD.

How have I lived without it so far?

There is one terrible side effect; I have a sort of mad crush on David Tennant:

I’m not normally the kind of girl that like skinny British actors. Nor do I like brown eyes much. But, GAH. He’s just so ADORABLE. When he left the show (and the new Doctor ‘regenerated’) I’ll admit it: I totally cried. CRIED.


Now I’m desperately awaiting the final episode prior to the season pausing until Christmas (and we’ll be saying goodbye to the Ponds! SOB). And I now turn all the sounds of landscaping in my neighborhood to the sound of the Tardis in my head. I’m that girl.

But I am proud to be a geek. So, now tell me: what’s your geek thing? What have you been unabashed about loving?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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