Dragon Fruit


If anyone recalls our adventures with the Kiwano Melon, you’ll remember that we try to stay on the lookout for unusual food in the produce aisle.  How can I expect my kids to try new food if I’m not willing to myself?  And some things are just so interesting looking it’s hard not to want to check them out.  So this weekend’s experiment?  The dragon fruit!


  • Dragon Fruit! 1 of 9
    Isn't it just a pretty thing? I don't know what the proper season is for dragon fruit, but they just appeared near the bananas last week and I knew my kids would love the look of it.
  • Quinn for scale 2 of 9
    It's not a big thing, I guess about the size of a pear. I wanted to save it for the weekend while Ian was off with the Army on drill, so for days the kids kept picking it up and asking, "Can we try it now?" But I'm glad we saved it, because it's good to have things to look forward to when their dad's away, even if it's just for the weekend. (Deployment habits die hard I guess.)
  • The big moment! 3 of 9
    So when I finally announced on Sunday morning that it was time to find out what was in the dragon fruit, they gathered 'round!
  • Unexpected! 4 of 9
    Now, I did read up enough on Google to know how to open the fruit since we only had one and I didn't want to waste it, or have us try eating the wrong part or something. But I still was surprised by the interior being so white and seedy.
  • Scoop time 5 of 9
    The next step after slicing the dragon fruit in half is to use a spoon to scoop the interior out. I did half and Aden did half
  • Scoop close up 6 of 9
    The inside of the dragon fruit actually scoops out very easily. Aden didn't have any problem with it and neither did I.
  • Cut it up! 7 of 9
    Next I sliced it into smaller pieces so we could all try it. Although Mona was long gone at this point. She stuck around for the big reveal and a moment of scooping, but since she never intended to try the thing, her part was done.
  • Eh. 8 of 9
    This was Aden's reaction. She looked how I felt when I tried it. Her main complaint was that it was bland. It reminded me of a kiwi if a kiwi could be drained of its sweetness. It wasn't unpleasant, but none of us wanted to try a second bite.
  • Thumb Sideways 9 of 9
    Quinn and Aden gave the dragon fruit a firm 'thumb sideways,' which is their way of saying it was neither good nor bad, just on the fence. I actually spit mine out, which means Aden is ahead of me now in mature reactions to unusual fruit experiments. I wonder if we got a good one or if that really is how it's supposed to taste? Anyway, if we ever need something purely to brighten up the look of the fruit bowl, the dragon fruit would be our go to food, but for snacking I think we'll just enjoy clementines for a while.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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