16 Sweet Treats to Make This Easter

Oh Easter, I know you’re about so much more than the egg hunts and treats, but every year I forget about all that important stuff when I find myself upside down in a bag of mini eggs, or box of Peeps, or anything with sugar basically.

You feel me on this, right? Easter treats are the best! I spent a little quality time pulling together a few of the most decadent and delightfully tasty homemade Easter treats around. Some are cute, some are fancy, but all look good enough to eat!

Click through and get inspired, bet you’ll want to make more than one!


  • Speckled Egg Cake 1 of 16
    speckled egg cake

    If you're looking for a showstopper dessert, here's your winning ticket. And the eggs aren't just for decoration, they're made from chocolate!


    Recipe and details here from The Cake Blog

  • Bunny Pretzels 2 of 16
    bunny pretzels

    Pretzel bunnies, oh yes! These are incredibly easy and totally adorable. 


    Details here from Miss Candiquik

  • Caramel Cupcakes With Spun Sugar Nests 3 of 16
    bird nest cupcakes

    I've been wanting to try my hand at spun sugar, and these little bird nests look like just the excuse to do it! 


    Details and instructions here from Hot Polka Dot

  • Springtime Bird’s Nests 4 of 16
    easter bird nests

    They might look super complicated, but I can assure you, they're not! Tasty little nests make for a fun Easter treat. 


    Details here from With A Grateful Prayer

  • Krispy Easter Eggs 5 of 16
    krispie easter eggs

    I've got such a soft spot for Rice Krispie Treats in general, so why not make them into Easter eggs? 


    Get the details here from Pioneer Woman



  • Salted Caramel Easter Popcorn 6 of 16
    salted carmel easter popcorn

    A munchy mix full of tasty Easter treats, I can get down with that. 


    Recipe here from Two Peas & Their Pod



  • Chocolate Covered Eggs 7 of 16
    chocolate covered eggs

    Someone spent some quality time on these pretties! Too pretty to eat? Nah. I'd eat all of them. 🙂


    Details here from Taste Of Home

  • Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs 8 of 16
    homemade cadbury creme eggs

    Are you a lover of the Cadbury Creme eggs? Then you've got to give this DIY version a try!


    Recipe here from Not Without Salt

  • Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Eggs 9 of 16
    chocolate covered pb eggs

    The marriage of chocolate and peanut butter will always make me happy. Put it together in egg form for a holiday appropriate treat!


    Details here from Lauren's Latest

  • Bunny Macarons 10 of 16
    easter bunny macaroons

    Have you ever attempted macarons at home? I haven't. This bunny version is maybe worthy of expert level, but they're so adorable I wanted to share. 


    Details here from Raspberri Cupcakes

  • Homemade Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bunnies 11 of 16
    homemade marshmallow bunnies

    If you've never made homemade marshmallows, you're missing out. You just need a bunny shaped cookie cutter to make these ones Easter appropriate and then finish them off with a dip in chocolate, of course. 


    Details here from Kitchen Lane

  • Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs 12 of 16
    cheesecake filled chocolate easter eggs

    I don't know what or how, but I know I want to eat one of these immediately. Cheesecake you say? Inside a chocolate egg? I'm sold!


    Details here from Raspberri Cupcakes

  • Rice Krispy Eggs With A Surprise 13 of 16
    rice krispie eggs

    There's not much that can't be made with Rice Krispy treats, Easter eggs with a hidden surprise included. 


    Details here from Sweet Treats and More

  • Easter Nests 14 of 16
    easter nests

    Pretzels and chocolate are a dynamic combination. Add a Cadbury mini egg and you've got something magical! 


    Details here from This Girl's Life

  • Bunny Cookies 15 of 16
    easter bunny cookies

    Oh goodness, these are the sweetest little bunny cookies! 


    Details on these here from Created By Diane

  • Homemade Peeps 16 of 16
    martha stewart homemade peeps

    Leave it to Martha Stewart to master the homemade Peep. Do you have strong opinions on Peeps? I love them!


    Detailed instructions here from Martha Stewart


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