Easy DIY Plus Size Halloween Costumes That Don’t Suck

Here’s the thing about being fat at Halloween: it sucks. Commercial costume choices are limited and are either sleazy or deliberately make fun of your body size. Plus, they are damned expensive.

But those of us with bigger bodies don’t have to skip the Halloween fun. My daughter is begging me to dress up with her this year for trick-or-treating and her school is having a party for the families that day, so it’s time for me to explore some costume options that are easy to put together and not too expensive.

I’ve been so surprised what I’ve found! Many of these costumes aren’t specific to plus size people, but are still great for all body sizes. You will have a blast with any of these!

  • Bee Costume 1 of 1

    This is another one that's not just for plus-sized folks, but works great with bigger bodies. And best of all, thanks to the wide array of colors in duct tape, you can put black stripes on a yellow shirt if you're going for more a wasp look, or yellow stripes on a black shirt to be more of a bumble bee (my body is perfect for being a bumble bee fat bottomed girl for the win!). Duck Tape is less than $4, and you can easily get cheap wings and a headband antennae at a Halloween shop, or if you are more crafty than I am, make your own.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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