Easy, Half-Assed Valentine Craft!

Kids Valentine Craft
Easiest Kids' Valentine Craft Ever

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’m not what you’d call a DIY kind of gal. I mean, I’m pretty resourceful and all. I made rice canisters by washing out some old plastic coffee containers, slapping some blue painter’s tape over the labels and writing “Brown Rice” and “White Rice” with a Sharpie. But you’re not going to see them on Pinterest. (And you know about my love hate relationship with Pinterest…)

But I do love to come up with the occasional half-assed craft activity to do with the girls, especially if it involves no advance planning or purchasing. As far as I’m concerned, the point of crafts with kids shouldn’t be to make something gorgeous and precise, but to do something that’s fun, keeps them occupied, and allows them some freedom to be creative and make it their own.

The gals are EXTREMELY obsessed with Valentine’s Day, and have been basically since the day after Christmas, so I wanted to come up with something Valentine-y for them to do. I had this spool of pretty pink and red decorative string leftover from an activity that a friend did at my baby shower (yes, over 5 years ago), and I tried to figure out something to do with it — string paper hearts on it? Cut it up in to little pieces to use as part of a heart collage? Wait…wait….Eureka! I had an idea.

And here it is — easy, fun, and made with supplies you already have. No felt, no floral wire or tape, no glue gun, no pinking shears, no rare seed pods from Asia. Easy peasy. Enjoy — and if you do it, drop by the Baby Squared page on Facebook and let me know! (And/or post a picture!)


  • Supplies you already have! (Probably) 1 of 7
    Supplies you already have! (Probably)
    All you need is 1.) A good pair of scissors 2.) Some cardboard (mid to heavy-weight. A piece of a cardboard box works fine) 3.) Yarn or string, preferably in a Valentine-y color. (But you could also use plain ole kitchen twine for a frosty white heart.)
  • Now, cut the thing. 2 of 7
    Now, cut the thing.
    Cut a heart shape, and cut small (1/2 inch) slits all the way around the edges. These will be the notches for the string.
  • Wind away. 3 of 7
    Wind away.
    Cut a long piece of string (2 or 3 yards; you can always add more later) and secure the end in one of the notches, and tape to the back of the heart. Now, start winding the string around the heart from notch to notch, making criss-crosses across the heart in all different directions. You may have to check in occasionally and make sure your kiddo is winding tight enough, so there isn't too much extra string. But if there is, it's fairly easy to tuck under the other string. (Now move on from this picture quickly, before you go blind looking at all the clashing patterns.)
  • Stop when you feel like it. 4 of 7
    Stop when you feel like it.
    When your kid has had enough, secure the end of the string to the back of the heart with tape or just tuck it under some the other string. Whatever works. (This was Clio's heart. She's a minimalist.)
  • Or keep going 5 of 7
    Or keep going
    Elsa, on the other hand, is a maximalist.
  • Ta-da! 6 of 7
    Here's Elsa with her masterpiece. Kind of looks like a giant cookie. (If only!)
  • Pimp it up! 7 of 7
    Pimp it up!
    Clio chose to further adorn her heart with stickers, tape and a post-it note. Why the hell not!? The important thing is that they have fun. The finished hearts can be easily hung by pinching or cutting a hole in the cardboard and tying a string through it, or looping some string through notches near the top. Whatever. Happy Valentine's Day!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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