5 Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for $1.99 or Less

I’d hate to brag about cheap and easy mother’s day gift ideas because this motherhood gig deserves some pretty serious applause most days, but in our family my birthday usually falls within two weeks of Mother’s Day and between my birthday and Mother’s Day is my second daughter’s birthday. Less than a month a go we celebrated Cody’s birthday and in another month we’ll be celebrating our anniversary. If our family was all about gifts, this whole season could be a very expensive one. We’ve taken to being very creative with our gift giving, and in my wise and infinite years I’ve learned that heartfelt words and something as simple and thoughtful as time are sometimes the best gifts of all. My family knows the best way to celebrate me on Mother’s Day is to leave me alone amidst spells of showering me with kisses and fresh pancakes. Looking for some ways to celebrate mom without spending a lot of Benjamins (or even Lincolns?) have I got some ideas for you.

  • Easy Mother’s Day Gifts 1 of 6
    Easy Mother's Day Gifts
    Naps are always free ninety nine, FYI.
  • Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment 2 of 6
    Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment
    Give mom the gift of a long uninterrupted shower complete with a luxurious (but cheap!) conditioning hair mask. Mom truth? I sometimes go to the gym just to shower without the threat of little people demanding a snack mid-shampoo.
    Buy Renpure Organics Amazing Hair Mask $0.99 from
  • An eBook about Boobs 3 of 6
    An eBook about Boobs
    Shameless plug as I'm in Babble's first eBook about breastfeeding, this is one of those gifts for a new mom that she can read one handed on her eReader while her new baby noms away in the strange, wonderful and sometimes terrifying act of breastfeeding. I spent many sleepless and topless nights reading books about making more milk, sobbing at my seeming failure at motherhood. With true stories from real voices about breastfeeding, this is one eBook that is sure to leave mom laughing and maybe crying with relief that she isn't the only one who doesn't have it easy when it comes to the perfect latch.
    Buy Parenting, Uncensored: Straight Talk from Real Moms and Dads on Breastfeeding from Hyperion Books $1.99.
  • A Frosty Beverage 4 of 6
    A Frosty Beverage
    There are some days I'm absolutely certain the secret key to happiness is a frosty, bubbly beverage over crunchy ice. While some women swear bottled beverages taste better, I'm a believer in the soda fountain. Want to make my day? Bring my home my favorite and let me sip away without having to share.
    Buy frosty beverages at a gas station/grocery store/restaurant near you. $0.89-$1.99
  • Bubble Bath 5 of 6
    Bubble Bath
    Clear out those bath toys, give the tub a good scrub and light some candles allowing mom a little spa escape in the comfort of her own home. Take the kids outside, to the park or lock them in a closet with snacks and a book, just don't let them knock on the door while mom soaks in lavender scented water, relishing in the simple appreciation of relaxing alone time.
    Buy Andrea Body Spa Anti-Stress Bath Soak from $1.59
  • Extra Lives in Candy Crush 6 of 6
    Extra Lives in Candy Crush
    Suddenly I evaluate my friendships based on who is willing to give me extra lives in Candy Crush. Unfamiliar with the game? Grab your frosty beverage and go take a bath with your deep conditioning hair mask, I'm convinced heroin is easier to quit. But if you are familiar with the game then you know the value in those 5 extra lives for $0.99. Give me an afternoon alone to gluttonously crush little rainbow colored candies without guilt? Motherhood made.
    Buy extra lives (or boosters, or moves) in Candy Crush from an app store near you. $0.99

In the end having my family around me and a little bit of time to myself to crush candy while I sip on my favorite beverage after a good long bath is gift enough.

What does your perfect Mother’s Day on a budget look like?


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