Easy Way to Get in a Tough Ab Workout


As new moms we all want to know how to get the baby weight off. Even before I had kids I was always watching my weight. I find it interesting to read the health and fitness magazines, with all the recipes and workouts to help you. They have success stories to inspire.  I tear out the workouts they share so my workouts in the gym don’t get stale; whether strength training or cardio routines, I am always anxious to the new issue of magazines. The internet is loaded with fitness tips and tricks, too. Now a days there are videos out there that walk you through moves and workouts. I think the phone apps that help you track calories and exercise are a great tool as well, as they help you be accountable. There’s tons of information shared by all types of people.

I am not a “certified” anything as far as fitness goes. I am just a fitness junkie: someone who works out, runs, and tries my best to make smart food choices. That is something thats not always easy with Mac and Cheese always in the kitchen ;-). Whenever I find out helpful or useful information I love to share it. I know that I love to find ways to get or stay fit that are simple and fit into my daily routine. It makes working the muscle seem less of a chore.

When my second son was 6 months old I discovered the easiest way to get an intense ab workout. It’s part of my daily routine, which includes running. Add a stroller and man, you’re getting a heck of an ab workout. It’s good for the shoulders and arms too, but, by not having the swing of your arms and holding your midsection steady, you’ve created extra work from your stomach muscles. I didn’t think pushing a stroller would add to my runs. After all, I got the stroller with bicycle tires and it rolls easily and smoothly.  I just thought it was a way to get my runs done while taking care of my kids. If you’re a runner or even a walker, push your kids in a stroller at a decent pace and feel your abs start working.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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