Ed Roth’s Favorite Stencils

The first stencil I ever bought was an Ed Roth. As a stencil designer myself, I adore his products and the fact that he made stencils so stinkin’ cool. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also super stylish and a super nice guy.

Stencil1 was founded by Ed back in 2004, but his love of stencils and graffiti-esque art began long before. Ed and his stencils had their debut on Martha Stewart’s daytime talk show, MARTHA, and from there the business has continued to grow.

Ed not only designs and sells stencils, but he uses the stencils himself to create custom pieces. His work can be seen in Long Island City’s Z Hotel and throughout the rooms of New York’s Ace Hotel (his 7 foot bear can be spotted in Ace’s lobby).

We are thrilled that Ed has given us the scoop on some of his favorite stencils!

  • Stencil1 Awesomeness 1 of 12

    Stencil1 is where it's at. Click through to see all the Stencil1 awesomness!

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  • 7ft Bear Stencil 2 of 12

    Ed loves this 7 foot bear stencil! He painted him in the Ace Hotel in NYC and suggests using chalkboard paint so people can write on or tattoo him!

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  • Birch Trees 3 of 12

    These birch trees come in three sizes and would be fantastic in so many places. Ed says, "I love birches!"

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  • Stencil Leaves 4 of 12

    This pack of leaves can be used with or without the birch tree stencils. Wouldn't they make an awesome mural wall?

  • Bird Silhouettes 5 of 12

    These birds can also be paired with the birch trees, but I love them all by themselves. I can be a bit bird obsessed every now and then.

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  • Stenciled Bedding 6 of 12

    Check out this crazy awesome stenciled bedding Ed made using the Graffiti Mini Set #1 and his headphones stencil! We love it!

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  • Birds on Wire 7 of 12

    This repeat pattern is Ed's favorite thus far. This stencil can be found on the walls of one of the Ace hotel rooms. Black gloss on a black wall. Awesome for real!

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  • Graffiti Mini Sets 8 of 12

    Ed says these two graffiti mini sets define the brand and why wouldn't they? They're incredible!

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  • Stencil 101 9 of 12

    Stencil 1 is Ed's first book and is so super neat. It's also his best seller and for good reason. Talk about inspiring!

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  • Stencil Style 101 10 of 12

    Ed's current book comes with 25 projects AND the 25 stencils needed to make them! He gives you rad ideas for taking stenciling far beyond t-shirts.

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  • Ed Roth 11 of 12
    Ed Roth

    The super cool and totally awesome Ed Roth. Can't get enough of his stencil charm and brilliant patterns.

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  • Pattern 12 of 12

    Stencil1 has pages and pages of patterned stencils that will rock your pattern world. Wall murals, tea towels, curtains...I'm wanting to stencil everything over here.

    Visit Stencil1 to see more.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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