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Travel has always been important to me. Second only to family.

Is there anything better than seeing the world with your family? Travel gives me perspective and it’s my hope that it will do the same for my children. A passport and a plane ticket and a plan for adventure feels like the best gift that I can possibly give them.

I want my kids to seek the stories that live just over the horizon, and feel at ease in unfamiliar lands. How else will they truly know that the world has so much more to offer than our daily routines can possibly reveal. Life outside of our sunny Southern California bubble has to be seen to be believed.

Obviously I’m not the first parent with a wandering soul. There are so many fabulous quotes about travel out there. Here are a few memorable family travel quotes that made me laugh and inspired me,  along with some shots from our recent family journey.

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  • On the Road Again 2 of 22

    I invested in our luggage before this trip because I fully intend to hit the road again. If it gets battered, so be it. It's a little ironic to apply a Kerouac quote to my suburban familia but the sentiment is spot on. The road is life. We're ready to roll. 

  • Travel Light 3 of 22

    Leave your baggage behind and you will travel so much more freely.

  • Have Patience 4 of 22

    Such truth! Double that when traveling with kids! The good news was that european coffee is so much better than ours that it seems to breed such patience and a willingness to go a little more slowly.

  • Stay Light on Your Feet 5 of 22

    In dancing and in travel, flexibility is key!

  • Be a Trailblazer 6 of 22

    We tend to create unconventional itineraries when we travel. It's a little alarming at first as we worry about what we might miss out on - what standard experience of Rome or Paris or Israel we might miss. But in the end we see the place in our own way, at our own pace and it doesn't matter that we haven't checked all the standard sights off our checklist. We have something to go back and see in our roundabout way on the next trip. 

  • Two Classes of Travelers 7 of 22

    First class and kid class? We're a little of both.

  • Revel in the Unfamiliar 8 of 22

    There's no place like home. So you may as well enjoy the other places when you are not at home.

  • Memories to Spare 9 of 22

    Travel photos are the best! I subscribe to the theory that you cannot take too many. I actually found this dropped memory card on the streets of Rome and was heartbroken that it might contain precious family travel photos from a family like ours. The contents however, were more mysterious than that.. 

  • Dreaming of Pompeii 10 of 22

    Sometimes when you travel, the glimpses of other lives are the most meaningful thing you see. 

  • Turn the Page 11 of 22

    One of my all time favorite travel quotes. Turn the page! The plot will thicken. 

  • Looking for Something? 12 of 22

    Some of my favorite travel sights are the surprises - colorful doors and other things we "happened upon". Sure we had a checklist of sights but they were just the start of our adventures. 

  • All You Need is LOVE 13 of 22

    These love locks in Paris left by lovers from all over the world and tolerated by the city of love, are a potent reminder that love is an international language.

  • Dream a Little 14 of 22

    I love this quote because it's a reminder of how individual travel is. We all take away different memories from the same event. 

  • Truth 15 of 22

    Plane day = Bad Hair Day. That's a universal equation. 

  • Invest in Travel 16 of 22

    A good friend once told me that travel is one of the best family investments that you can make. There is the anticipation which can make you happy for months, there is the experience which can change your life, and then there are the memories, which bind and sustain your family for years to come. There is no flat screen tv or wardrobe piece that has that effect. 

  • Don’t Look Towards the End 17 of 22

    I can never resist shooting photos of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. All the history, the stories, the hopes scrawled on notes and shoved into the crumbling stones... it moves me. As you look up to the top of the stones you see plants that have impossibly taken root between the rocks. It's belladonna, by the way. Toxic in the wrong dose, lifesaving in the right amounts. 

  • These Eyes 18 of 22

    As I toured the Acropolis I could not help but wonder what the statues had seen. What the site was like from their perspective.  What a view! 

  • Choose your Company 19 of 22

    Oftentimes the difference between a great trip and a disaster rests solely on the company. Know your family and the things they like to do, places they like to go. 

  • Experiences FTW! 20 of 22

    My son was a little scared to hold this massive Parrot, and yes it did end up biting him, but no he doesn't have any regrets. Because when you are 8 and on an Island and someone hands you a massive Parrot, you have to go with it. I'm so proud of the way my sons embraced new experiences so enthusiastically while traveling. They drew the line at eating frog's legs however. Too bad. 

  • Hoard Stories 21 of 22

    I strove not to buy too much on this trip, though the opportunities were many and ever present. Instead I took a thousand pictures, and studied the scenes I encountered like I was shopping for stories. I love this image from the market in Jerusalem because I could tell so many stories about it and still have so many questions. What's up with the rubber chickens? What's in the blue and red bags? Why does that smoking dude look like he just time traveled into the shot? And what is that bike used to deliver?

  • Travel Well 22 of 22

    In the end, the journey is often more memorable than the arrival. Enjoy the journey!  We loved almost everything about our recent trip, and cannot wait to travel again.  

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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