Everybody’s waiting for the man with the bag

Did you know that it’s 90 days until Christmas? I do, because today’s the day my Christmas website starts up for 2012. I thought I was an outlier, that the only people even remotely thinking about Christmas were other knitters (we have to plan our projects so we have time to finish them, which means shopping for yarn and patterns in September and October), but then someone on my Facebook friends list posted yesterday “Three months ’til Christmas!” So I know it’s not just me.

Why does Christmas have such a hold on us? Is it because tv tells us to like it? Are we all ridiculous present-worshippers? Are we buying into some utopian vision of calm, cozy family perfection?

I think it’s that, plus a lot more. I think we know that Christmas isn’t a perfect day, that we’ll be our same flawed selves and our families will have the same problems on Christmas as on any other day. But there’s still that hope that this year will be the year we get it right–the perfect presents for everyone, perfect decorations, perfect foods (but no weight gain), perfect relationships. Perfect carols sung, perfect prayers, perfect peace.

It’s this, this tension between what we know can happen and what we want to happen that compels us to keep pushing toward Christmas every year.

Is this the year we finally capture it? Or is there another way we can do Christmas so less equals more?


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