Everything I’ve Learned About Healthy Eating

I have never eaten badly, per say. But I have also never paid a heck of a lot attention to my eating habits, and to what goes in my body. This year, that all changed. For a variety of health reasons, I began embarking on some pretty big dietary changes, and I’ve been seeing some of the results — both good and bad — in the past five months.

Here are five things I’ve learned about “healthy” eating from the journey. They may not be the same lessons you would learn had you taken the journey, but they are what I’ve seen.

  • The Food Really is Different 1 of 5
    The Food Really is Different
    It turns out, thinking you eat "healthy" and actually eating "healthy" are entirely different things. When you do eat healthily, you realize for the first time how many non-healthy things you really were putting in your body all those years. You also realize how important salads become as a base for what all things good. If they get boring, or seem boring at first (!), that's the perfect opportunity to mix them up a bit better and to try something entirely different. Think of a salad as not simply lettuce, but rather, a platform for any type of ethnic food or protein-based meal you'd like.
  • Temptation is There 2 of 5
    Temptation is There
    Eating healthily is all about managing temptation. Saying no, saying yes (sometimes), and knowing when to do each. You can't say yes always, and you can't say no always either. The journey is all about blending the two in a - yes - "healthy" way. One of the best tips I heard about dealing with temptation was to simply redirect what you're doing. Sick of thinking about the chocolate cake on the table? Get out of the kitchen. Same with any delightful delectable you'd love to taste.
  • The Quality of the Food Matters 3 of 5
    The Quality of the Food Matters
    Turns out that one key to eating well is that it's not just the foods themselves that you eat, but the quality of those foods that matters. If I eat all the tomatoes I want, I can give myself five gold stars. But if I eat all the organic, non-pesticide tomatoes, I get ten. See the difference? You will pay for quality, it's true. But you will see a greater benefit to your body, as I have.
  • There is A World Of Food Out There 4 of 5
    There is A World Of Food Out There
    Eating better for your body is actually not nearly as restrictive as I once imagined, and the sheer volume of great foods that I can eat on a daily basis is an incredible wake-up call. Suddenly, it makes me realize how limited the foods at the regular fast-food joints really are!
  • Your Body Changes 5 of 5
    Your Body Changes
    Eat better, and your body changes. Weight is one thing, but other factors are sometimes even more important (and in my case were the real impetus to start the journey). It's worth it, if you can do it right.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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