EXTRA EXTRA: Great Election App!


How many times have you heard that an app is both educational AND fun?

Usually, when I hear this statement (which is at least once a week) I get both hopeful and skeptical.

Yet every so often, along comes a new app that is the exception to the rule. And what happens when you combine the expertise of the Disney Learning team and a producer from The Daily Show and Colbert Report? You get  one that offers a fresh, fun dive into all 44 presidents with an interactive scrapbook, cartoons & animations, and even real-life testimonials from luminaries like Mo Rocca and General Wesley Clark.

So, this election season, when it’s impossible to hide from news coverage, enjoy a Family Night or as we did recently a family road trip with Disney American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook ($3.99) which offers a truly educational AND fun new approach to the extraordinary men who inhabited the oval office and set the course for our country.

The app is tied to national social studies curriculum standards for grades 3-8 and offers some super fun features:

  • More than two hours of hilarious and historically accurate – presidential profiles for each of our 44 U.S. Presidents…from Washington to Obama!
  • Interviews with political luminaries and White House insiders such as Bob Woodward, Paul Begala, Wesley Clark, Sam Donaldson, Melissa Harris-Perry, Robert Reich, Jon Meacham and many more (more fun for Mom and Dad)
  • Era-specific descriptions, music, art styles and references help bring each historical time period to life
  • Each President receives his own spread, with interactive elements linked to key decisions, notable characteristics and historical legacy

In the end, your kids will learn the names of all of the 44 US presidents. Super important.

And you?

You will learn details you never knew – for example, Which president got stuck in a White House bath tub?

  Psst. it was William Taft


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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